Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chloe is 8 months old!

I can't believe this beautiful little girl is 8 months old already!!

She still doesn't have any teeth, though she's got one that I think will be in before the weekend. She's had the two little white bumps on the two bottom teeth for a few weeks now.

She's so incredibly close to crawling it's scary! When we were on our way home from Amarillo last week, I told Trent we needed to drop her crib down because I was afraid she'd be able to sit up on her own soon. Monday we dropped it, by Wednesday she was pushing herself to sitting from laying! I heard her talking after I put her down for a nap and sure enough she was sitting up in her crib! She gets on all fours and then she sits back up. She lays on her tummy trying her best to go get something, she just hasn't quite figured it out yet!

We babbles a lot! I've been trying to coach her to say mamamamamama, but she usually says dadadadada. Go figure! Her little voice is so sweet!

Surprisingly enough, they were both very happy to take a picture this morning!

I remember when Levi was a baby he would lay on his back, pick his legs up in the air and then slam them down on his mattress. Well Chloe is the opposite, she lays on her tummy and kicks her little feet and it's just the sweetest little pitter patter!

She still adores her brother! Just look at how she looks at him. Sharing is getting even more difficult. The more mobile she gets, the more lessons in sharing we have. He's equally crazy about her though, just not when she's getting his cars. If she cries, he kisses her and tells her it's ok.

Last week was Valentine's Day. I'm not really too into this holiday this year, just seems pretty silly. But I helped Levi make some Valentines for his cousins.

They had their thumb prints and said "Thumb body loves you" on the other side. :)

Of course I had to get them a little something.

He couldn't wait to open those presents!!

This is just a sweet one of Chloe and Braeden after he put his hat on her.

And a couple of weeks ago I put Chloe's hair in her first pig tails! So sweet! (Really it's because I was finally treating her cradle cap. Because she had so much hair, it was so much worse than I though. I thought it was only in her hair line but boy was I wrong! The only way I could get it all was to part it in every different way so the cream would get to her scalp.)

We're taking poor Chloe back to the doctor tomorrow morning. Yesterday she started running a fever again, just a low one, but a fever none the less. She's super snotty again today and has had a tiny bit of goop in her eye. I feel like I call the doctor all the time, but since she was just on antibiotics last week they said it would be best if they checked her ears again.

I sure am ready for winter and all its illnesses to GO AWAY!

If ear infections are the biggest worry we have, we are incredibly blessed! Happy 8 months precious darlin'! We love you more than words could ever say!!

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