Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Leslie's Baby Shower...

We loaded up and headed to Crane for Leslie's baby shower last weekend. It was a loooooong drive, but very much worth it! I snapped this of these 2 sweeties along the way. They seriously are bffs!

It was a very busy weekend. I forgot a bunch of stuff I was supposed to take so we ALL loaded up and went to Odessa Friday. Levi and Gage in the way back, me between them, Chloe and Audrey in the middle seats, and Haylea and Trent up front. After our first stop, it was clear that we'd lost our minds. :) We only made 2 stops! haha One at Rosa's and one at Target! But we had a blast! Then we were all pooped. The back crew took a nap. I can never just enjoy a good car nap without Trent snapping a very unflattering photo. Next time....I'm posting a black mail video that I've been holding for a while. You hear that Herbert???

Saturday was the shower. It turned out really cute! Leslie is doing Ty's nursery in this adorable dinosaur fabric so that's where the theme came from

That stuff on the left is called crack dip. Pinterest it and make won't be disappointed!

I'm super impressed with how nice this city building is in Crane! They've all been redone and are very pretty now! When we were there, they were AWFUL!

Chloe just jumping with Aunt Shelly...

You can tell here her left eye is irritated. It was definitely the worst. She was a shiny, snotty mess all weekend!

Everyone made a playdough baby and Leslie picked a winner. The giant blue one did NOT win, haha.

Leslie looks fantastic, she's all belly!

Shelly's getting eaten by the watermelon dino!!!

She got some pretty good loot!

Saturday night it dawned on me that I hadn't taken a single pic of all the kids!!! I snapped a few...

They played a lot of tractors! We saw one today on the road and Levi went nuts!

Watched Madagascar 3.... (maybe bullied another kid so he couldn't watch it, so Leslie says!)

Beautiful sisters just playing!

And the boys still love the fish!!

Gage and Levi had a BLAST! I was really sad to leave. I know if we lived closer they would have so much fun! They actually played really well together and we only had a few bumps and bruises. (During Daddy day care, while all the girls were at the shower I might add. :) They are amazing dads though!)

Levi probably asked for Gage 10 times between Crane and Odessa. :( That hurt my heart and I can't wait until we see them again!
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