Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Anniversary Grams & Pops!

Let me give some back story before I start this post.... Grams and Pops met Roy and Lyn 25 years ago on a tour in England. They own a coach and do tours for a living. TWENTY FIVE years later they are still friends and have seen each other every 2 years since! They take turns so they only have to do the big journey every 4 years. This was a very special trip because Roy and Lyn are celebrating 40 years of marriage and Grams and Pops are celebrating 50!!!!

We left out on Friday to head to Amarillo. On the agenda first was riding "Ax - O," Mimi's horse. (Trent says it sounds like the baby on Meet the Fockers saying "A$$ - hoooo. I'll let you figure that one out.) Either way....he gets very excited about riding Axle!

He put on the tiniest little helmet. :) Lyn was just eating up his could you not?

He was so relaxed this time! There were a couple of times they rode by and we thought he was going to fall asleep!

This is the cutest picture ever of Levi and Mimi!!!

Saturday morning Trent had baby duty while Carol, Tifanie and I ran around town getting last minute things ready for the party. Grammy didn't want a big ordeal, but we had to decorate!

We headed to Logan's for a big ole' family dinner.

You can't see it very well but Pops has on Roy's awesome English hat.

Levi and Brielle had a BLAST! (So much so that I think we had some major over stimulation. Levi flipped out about 30 minutes after he finally went to sleep that night and we had an awful night!) They were dancing, and running, and throwing their hands up in the air, and maybe a little spitting (by my boy of course...) and probably a few more things I'm not proud of. But oh. my. gosh. they LOVED playing with each other!!

I'm thinking Brent and Landon couldn't possibly have picked more beautiful women! I love them both so much!

And then there's those boys....I love them so much too!

Sister was a little leery of all the people she's not real familiar with. She HATED Uncle Jack's cowboy hat, she would scream when he would come talk to her! Which is funny because she loved him at Christmas.

I love it that Levi is actually smiling for the camera now!

Me and my girl!!

Chloe getting some English love...

How sweet is this? Levi walking with "Pots."

Then it was off to the party. Carol and Randy organized a karaoke night. This was our job, setting up the little table.

Randy kicked it off!

Getting some sweets from Mimi and Uncle Brent.

The most beautiful water I've ever seen!

I love that Diana said, "scoot back, I have to get your whole outfit!" Genius!! Shoes get jipped in picture a lot, not when Tia is taking pictures!

Here are the honorees....Roy and Lyn, Pops and Grams

Mimi loved showing off our two adorable kids.

Trent and Brent did NOT plan to dress alike....but look! Mimi had flashbacks of 26 years ago!

Herbert and his "beautiful baritone voice" (Grammy told him that a while back, haha) even got up there and sang his heart out! I did not...we made real fools of ourselves a couple of years ago with a duet we often sing at the top of our lungs in the car. I can't sing...I'm not in denial.

Landon showed off his skills.

Chloe hanging out with Aunt Carol. (If you haven't noticed, there are lots of Jacks and lots of Carols in this family!)

Grammy gave a speech about her beautiful family that made us all cry.

Chloe didn't get any attention at all. Especially not from her Tia.

Or Tifanie!

What a beautiful family!

Chloe loved my necklace (she's got great taste!)

Photo bomb!

This. is. my. life. A beautifully, blessed one. I could not possibly be anymore happy!!

Not only is he saying cheese for the camera, but he's clapping for himself afterwards now! (As well as when he counts, or puts puzzle together....he's picked up on how proud of him we are. :))

It was a wonderful weekend celebrating some wonderful people!

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