Monday, April 21, 2014

Just normal days...

Boy do we get this look a lot! Chloe's personality grows exponentially every day! Sweet and sassy for sure!

She LOOOOOOOVES "Owafffff"

They've discovered hungry hungry hippos. It's soooo cute! This day when I told him to pick up the game he said "but the hippos are still really hungry!!" Very clever little fella.

Sissy not wanting to nap!!

Too cool for school!

Our new street is so quiet! They love to go cruising!

Nana got Chloe this little backpack since we don't need so much stuff anymore. She loves to carry it!

Little darlings at church!

She insisted on sleeping with her baby this night, it made her so happy! And made me happy to tuck her in!

Kristie and I broke mom and Ramona into painting with a twist!

Then Trent and the kiddos met me and we went to see Rio 2!!

Library time! (Wearing winter clothes in April. Grrrrr)

Making blueberry bracelets! I was impressed with both of their beading skills!

This big kid was so sweet and helped Levi.

Just a girl and her princess book :)

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