Sunday, April 6, 2014

A lot....because I must catch up!

We had Lucky Charms and green milk for St. Patty's day breakfast! It's also Gunner's birthday so it's double celebratory around our house.

I don't know why Levi was doing his hands like that? But Chloe followed of course.

Then we put on our green and headed to the library! Chloe and Lucas scheming up how to put their stickers where they don't belong.

Look Ma!

Levi was really into the story this day and laid down to listen. Lucas did too, then Chloe did too. I really love to see these 3 at the library together because you can TELL they know each other. Lucas and Chloe mostly do a good job participating, but they usually stick together! There are other kids in the room...but these 3 have eyes only for each other when they're all there.

They were being little stinkers at this point!!! Turned into leprechauns I guess?

For whatever reason...this is one of their favorite games!

Like I said...we've been working hard to get the house all settled and decorated. The wall collage was my job for the day. I texted Trent and asked if he thought the table accessory was perfect? His answer was yes of course!

We've had a few teaser days of good weather, we take full advantage when we get them!

We've ALMOST gotten all of our stuff out of my parents garage, but we still had to do some playing while we were loading up.

I bought myself a cricut a few weeks ago and I love finding little projects for it!

Sis can hold her own when it comes to playing in the dirt, but she knows good shoes when she sees them! My new closet is one of her favorite places to play, she always goes straight for the heels.

We did a little Easter crafting already. :) It's so sweet that she's getting big enough to participate now!

Concentration! He ended up making "race car" eggs. Imagine that?

We also discovered buffalo in a field close to our new house! The kids love to go "turtle hunting" (we don't actually kill them) so now we go see the buffalo on our way.

Bucky the Cowgirl also came to the library. Ya'll, she creeped me out a little, not gonna lie. But Levi was BELLY LAUGHING. Like it almost embarrassed me because he was laughing so much louder than everyone else. And it was NOT a fake laugh!

Then he acted like he hated her when we took his picture? Lucas too?? Haha, they all 3 really did enjoy it!

There's a grin from Sis!

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