Saturday, May 10, 2014

April Catch up!!!

Ok, for reals this time. We now have a new computer. (Yay! No more blurry iPad pics!) But bare with me while I get it all figured out.

We've been so busy and have been having so much fun. Levi and Chloe are so into the exploration phase where they love ALL experiences and can learn so much so quickly!

We had the Lake Kiowa kid fish finally. It had been postponed due to weather. It was still cold and windy, so I was a whiny sissy of course.

Chloe made me so nervous! I swear she is not afraid of water AT ALL. 

We also went to the Medal of Honor Parade. Gainesville is the Medal of Honor host city. It's a huge deal around here! There are always people from all over the country here to honor our military. 

I could watch them in parades all day, err day. They're so sweet! They just clap and wave at everything!

Then we napped in the car on the way to Flower Mound! The Gann's invited us over for lunch and an Easter Egg hung! It was SOOOOOOOOO windy!

So cute!!!

Dainty little princess picking up some eggs.

This was one of those community egg hunts where the eggs are not "hidden." There's no hunting involved. Just racing to see if you can get like 5 eggs.

They actually ended up with some good stuff though. They had a blast and looked absolutely adorable doing it! (Hason had to sit this one out. Poor guy. Next year buddy, next year!)

Then we let them play. Chloe had to "wees" of course! It's her FAVORITE! I cannot keep up with Brielle and Levi if you're wondering why there aren't as many pics of them! They're so big, and they just run off and play together so well!

Then we had the Kiowa Easter Egg "Hunt." And I use the term "hunt" loosely.

They're supposed to give the little guys a head start. What a joke. They give them like 30 seconds before the big kids clobber them. 

I'm afraid Levi got my crowd-hating gene. He literally froze and REFUSED to pick up a single egg! 

He found a bug instead.

Chloe made the Communique because she picked up like 2 eggs then handed me her basket and said "wees!" She was so mad that I wouldn't take her to swing that she sat down and threw a HUGE fit. Therefore, she only got her 2 measly eggs. Egg hunt FAIL. 

Trent obviously thought me trying to wrestle her away from the playground was funny since he was capturing it on camera. :( Beth's sweet daughter Zoe shared her eggs with my kids since they had NOTHING. 
Maybe next year will be a little more successful! Oh well, because Levi knows the true meaning of Easter, and that's the most important part!! Sissy repeats it, but I'm not sure she really gets it just yet. She will. :)

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