Sunday, April 6, 2014

I swear I will get caught up eventually!!!

When we got back from Disney, the kiddos had a package from Mimi that included stickers!! Their fave!! They had a blast as you can tell!

Chloe is so much more of a snuggler than Levi ever was at her age. I just love it! And she loves to be covered in blankies just like me!

We had a beautiful day in the middle of all this crap weather we've had, so we took full advantage and went to the Gainesville zoo.

Sweet girl ready for church!

Before and after... haha

I curled her hair for the first time recently and it's just so pretty! I think I have to do it all the time because it showed me just how ratty it looks when I don't curl or flat iron it. Anyone who knows us knows that her hair is always pulled back. I can't stand it hanging in her eyes. So it's not that I don't always "fix" it, I just don't always curl it.

Mom, Dad, Trent, Krisite, me, Lucas, Levi and Chloe all made a trip to Canton in March. The kids were way excited for something to do besides shop. They wanted in that Ferris wheel sooooooo bad. Then they looked like they hated us for putting them in. They eventually warmed up and didn't look like they hated us so bad! Haha!

So part of the reason I've been so absent from blogging is because we recently bought a house. Thankfully our other one sold within in 2 weeks, and the timing worked out where we weren't rushed. I'll do a post on the house later but we've been super busy trying to get fully settled and decorated. My two little painting helpers...

The new house has a pool! yay! The kiddos are dying to swim. On days when it's realllllly warm, I'll let them play on the step. They don't think the water is cold...but it's freeeeeezing!

We had all of Trent's family in town to celebrate Mimi's 50th birthday!!!!

Levi had to help her blow out allllllllll those candles. :) Just kidding Mimi, it's really not that many!

And Chloe helped open presents. :)

Then she planned this exciting day of outdoors fun! I felt like absolute poooooo. I ended up going to the doctor that morning and getting a steroid, antibiotic, nose spray, and he had me taking benadryl and sudafed. I had to steal everyone else's pictures because I did good to make it through the day, much less take pictures.

Levi and Brielle even participated in a lot of it! The helmets weren't quite tight enough for them to really climb or zip line, but they both wanted to attempt!

The whole group!

Her appropriate superwoman shirt!

Talk about a freaky activity! But we did it! We didn't quite hang on to the bar, but still....that's an accomplishment! The boys of course turned it in to a big competition. Go figure.

Then we went out to dinner! How cute is Brielle helping Chloe get her pouch all emptied out?!?!

Birthday sopapilla!!

Uncle Brent and a beautiful little girl!!

We had a lot of fun with the Gann side this weekend. Maybe they'll all come back soon when our house doesn't look like we just moved in anymore. :)

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