Monday, April 21, 2014

Weekend at the Watson Farm

It had been a REALLY long time since I had seen my Batesie's so I was SUPER excited to go to Ty's first birthday party!

Gage and Levi get so much more adorable together each time we see them. They had a blast doing all kinds of farm things.
Trevor is always boiling something....this weekend it was crawfish! Shelly loaded them in her trunk and brought them from Houston. Ick!
The kids were pretty interested in watching them.

One of those big ole suckers nearly took Trevor's finger off!

These two are both so high maintenance! I just love watching them run around together!
They set some crawfish free to see if they'd live in the pond. We went back and checked on them later and couldn't find any...I guess we'll see!
Leslie and Trevor had a bounce house for the kids. This one didn't want to get out!!!
I took videos, but managed to lose them when I got a new phone. :(
The precious birthday boy and his pretty Momma!!!
Levi was not quite thrilled about the party hats??
They released lady bugs!!
Divalicious was not pumped about those bugs....
Me and my buddy!!!
They love to feed the goats of course...
Have you ever seen anything cuter? A baby in a corn bucket, feeding goats!!!
Crazy playful goats
Leslie has painted Ty's playroom soooooo adorable. She let all the kids put their handprints on the wall. Levi was EXHAUSTED and melting down so his handprint didn't make the wall.

Meet Michelle Obama the Llama. Chloe LOVED her and wanted to take her home. She creeped me out a little, but they say she's nice. She was just super curious about the kids and wasn't shy about coming up to us!
Chloe literally squealed she was so excited about it!
Riding in the back of the gator with her big bro...
Trevor caught one of the baby goats for the kids to pet! Sooooo sweet!!!

And then we saw a snake....boooo. Haylea tried to catch it of course. Even though she didn't know what it was. We so kindly talked her down off of that idea.
It was a really short visit, but any time spent with the Bates family is amazing. Chloe loved on all the Batesie's before we left!!
Sweet Audrey. :)
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