Wednesday, March 26, 2014


And....the stomach bug continues. It hit me on Thursday morning. I felt pretty awful when we woke up. We had breakfast reservations at Chef Mickey's (another one we've really been wanting to go to!) at 11, so we just kind of hung out until then. By the time we left, I wasn't feeling great, but was able to go!

Sweet boy in his Mickey and "Culo" shirt.

Finally getting to meet Mimmie!!

Levi loved her too!

So I'm sure you can tell how bad I felt....I'm dressed equally as bad. Haha! It was also cold this day so I had to wear layers!

Chloe got a little scared of Tuto!

This outfit is very special because her Daddy got it for her! I had been eyeballing this outfit on ebay and he bought it for her! This was Feb 13th, so I thought it would be fitting to have a Minnie and Mickey Valentine outfit! I buy a lot of Chloe's clothes online so when it came in the mail, I just packed it away in the drawer with the Disney stuff. Well, later I saw a message in our ebay account where Trent was asking the seller why he hadn't received it! Hahaha! I didn't remember ordering it, but when it came I thought "well...I guess I did order it!?!" So sweet of him to surprise her with a special outfit!

Following the characters around and dancing around the tables!

Levi was so excited to meet all of them!!

And here's Chloe hiding from Donald... haha.

The star of the show!! And excellent chef I must say! The food looked AMAZING here! I didn't eat any of it, I'm not much of a big breakfast eater and I felt like poo. But Trent was in heaven!

What a good lookin crew!


Then we headed over to Epcot. I got to do the Test Track with Levi. It was SO right up his alley. Designing your own race car, then a race car roller coaster!

There's a show room at the end, and he wanted his picture taken with EVERY car!

I eventually went and got Daddy and Chloe because I knew Dad would love the show room too.

And that's all from Epcot. Haha! I obviously didn't feel like taking pics.

Later that evening we headed back to Magic Kingdom to see the Electrical Parade.

Again one of Chloe's faves! She loved all the parades!

It was REALLY chilly that night so we headed in early.

The next morning we went to take pictures all around the hotel. I just love the Art of Animation

Levi was SOOOO excited to see Radiator Springs again! He was running around yelling "I love you I love you I love you!" to all the cars. Haha...Priceless.

YouTube Video

Um....excuse me? But the star of the show is missing? I guess he needed some more Rusteez Medicated Bumper Ointment?

We had to walk through the Serengeti Plain to get to our room. Every time we went through there Chloe would yell "Nimba!!!!"

Then of course we would sing Hakuna Matata.

"That's not a dinglehopper!!!!" Levi would say that ever time we passed the fork. :)

They were a little scared of Ursula at first, which is where our room was. So when I joked that she had a big hiney....Levi laughed hysterically and then said it each time we passed her.

Stickering himself up with some stickers one of the magical employees gave him.

We were running late so we didn't make it around to take a picture of Ariel, Flounder and Sebastian.

King Triton!

And we waited FOREVER on our stroller when we picked up our bags.

These hooligans were everywhere!

I will never fail to thank God for the fact that we are able to go on trips like this. Making memories with these 2 is what our life is all about. We will go back again and again and again because it's something we love to do with them!!

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