Monday, February 24, 2014

Disney World Family Vacation 2014 Part 1

This was our first BIG trip as just the 4 of us. I LOVE going on vacation with our extended families, but I also think it's incredibly important for us to have memories as just the 4 of us. When push comes to shove later in life, the 4 of us will ALWAYS be together. I adore the memories I have with our immediate family as kids and I want our kids to have that too!

The kids wanted to carry their own backpacks (which were LOADED with time consuming activities.) Chloe actually did extremely well carrying it. Everyone in the airport would literally stop and watch her. Partly because she's so darn cute, and partly because her backpack was as big as her! Haha!

This one looks WAY too big for my liking!

Can you tell we're a little excited?!?!

On the Magical Express! If you've never done a Disney should. They literally have EVERY detail covered and make it SO incredibly easy!

A few more princess stickers left

Once we got checked in, we headed to Downtown Disney because we needed to eat and our bags wouldn't be there for a little while. (Because of course, at Disney World you don't have to get your own bag. It magically shows up in your room.)

The carousel is Chloe's FAVE! She always pitches a huge fit when it's time to get off.

A quick stop at the sweet shop!!

How cute is that?!?!

My chocolate dipped pineapple....yum!

Chloe is OBSESSED with Pinkalicious. I dare you to try and hide that book where she can't find it. In the book they talk about cotton candy, Levi has been asking to try some.

They both hated it. Go figure.

Our Little Mermaid room!

These are out of order because some are from my phone and some from the camera. This was Chloe's first character freak out!

That's made of Legos people.....LEGOS.

Woody and Buzz!

Warming up a little....

Dance Party time!

Riding the choo choo!

The next morning we headed out for Hollywood Studios! First stop was Breakfast at Hollywood and Vine. Full of our favorite Disney Junior characters!!! Doc McStuffins!

Handy Manny!


Oh and Jake!!!

Then we headed over to Disney Junior Live on Stage. The kids LOVED this one!

This is Chloe "playing her instrument." Too stinkin cute!

Levi was trying to be grumpy. Not possible at the happiest place on earth!

Catching bubbles. :)

Melting down before the Little Mermaid show.

Thank goodness for this stroller! So awesome to be able to lay them back and let them get a good nap. Life saver!!!

Indiana Jones stunt show! Levi watched half of it with his ears covered. He is my child after all...

Trent and I did some switching off throughout the trip to squeeze in big kid rides. Tower of Terror!

There was a plane writing messages of God's love above! So cool!

Toy Story Mania time!!!

There wasn't much of a wait to take a picture with Lightning McQueen!

I was so happy to see the sun shining that I took a picture. Much needed change from our really cold winter!

This is one we didn't see last year. I think it's new since then.

It was a great show! And I've caught Levi singing "Be Our Guest" several times since then.

Finally got to ride the Rockin' Roller Coaster! LEGIT!

Hollywood Studios was a GREAT day! Definitely the busiest, so I'm glad our fast passes were for Toy Story Mania. I was really excited to watch the Fantasmic show. Terrible idea. It was way too scary for my kids. It was an awesome show though!

We went ALL. DAY. LONG. Literally, we were there when they opened at 9am and didn't leave until after 9pm. I was so proud of the kiddos!!

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