Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Safari Park and Some BIG Happenings!

We had cabin what better way to cure it than to meet up with the Gann's for some fun!!

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Chloe was acting like she NEEDED to ride the animals and then threw a big ole' fit when I put her on?

Levi and Brielle are so big. When we take them places I feel like they're 10. They only come talk to us when they're fighting! Chloe's getting right on up there with them! Chasing them everywhere and playing all by herself!

We had this HUGE day of firsts on the 17th. First up was Levi's first real dentist trip. He's been to the pediatric dentist before but that was a huge waste of everyone's time, and our money. Though I'm sure the dentist quite enjoyed it. Anyhoooo....our dentist will start seeing them at 3 so we made his appointment the same day as mine. (So dad could be with him and I could be in another room feeling out all by myself, and hopefully not passing that anxiety along.)

He did absolutely FANTASTIC! He let them do absolutely everything, they even got an X-ray showing that he had all his permanent teeth. (I was actually missing a permanent one, leading to lots of dental work so this made me excited.) I'm so incredibly proud of him!!

Look how gorgeous!?!? Then we headed off for more firsts...

Just like with Levi....I think we should've cut her hair waaaaaay earlier. That's probably been the biggest "milestone" for me to swallow with both kids. Chloe had this REALLY long layer in the back. But it was very thin and stringy and looked pretty bad. I hated to lose the length, but I knew it was time for a small trim. :(

She of course had to have a sucker!

Not so sure....


The after!

They put her in sweet little piggies so she could get her ears pierced. Complete with glitter spray!

Now the not fun part! I can't even look at these pictures without cringing! But, Chloe's a girly girl already and I guarantee you she'll be glad we did it when she won't remember!

Levi was pretty concerned with this part. We had explained it to him beforehand because we didn't want him to totally flip out.

There was LOTS of this. heart hurts for her!


Trent quickly scooped her up and took her outside. She was immediately over it and hasn't complained since! She loves to show off her "ear ins" as Levi calls them! She is very good about letting me clean them, and so far no trouble! I think she must have pulled on one a couple of nights ago because it had bled a little. But all is good!

She looks so grown up!

Sooooo handsome!! He always looks at least a year older with every haircut. But, my goodness he's cute!!

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