Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Disney World Day 2 - Animal Kingdom

My dear, sweet, little blog. I have not forgotten about you! I just haven't had time for you!

Monday night, Chloe threw up ALL. NIGHT. LONG. By the time the sun came up we had like one sheet and one blanket left that hadn't been puked on. She had 2 baths in the middle of the night I'm pretty sure. Poor baby was sooooo sick! We kept trucking though....

Now y'all know I did not put her in a pink shirt and red bow. She threw up one last time while we were waiting for the shuttle so we had to buy her a new shirt. :( She perked up a few times throughout the day but you could tell she just didn't feel good! We just kept giving her water to make sure she didn't get dehydrated.

Huge turtle!! Both of our kids love turtles!

Now that's a nasty frog...

I was so excited I almost cried on this one.... Levi and Trent went because Chloe was too little and she was taking a good nap. I could see them over a bridge so I got to watch the excitement on his face! This was his first "big kid ride!"

They saw me and were waving and Levi yelled "WE GOT WET!!!" with SOOOO much excitement in his voice! He was loving it! I'm sure everyone else thought I was a nut job...oh well, I kind of am I guess.

Look how sweet they are!!

So proud of him! He's so cautious (which I like) but we want to make sure he's cautiously adventurous.

Tiny bird. :)

Resting baby :(

We had lunch at the Tusker House. Levi didn't cry through all the characters this year! He was excited! He was always scared Goofy's whiskers would "point" him though.

The amazing Tree of Life.

Trent took him on this dinosaur ride. One I distinctly remember forcing my oldest nephew to go with us on last year. When we got done I felt so bad! It was pretty scary! But Nathan did great. Well, Levi survived. When they got off he told me "I was not brave..." We loved on him and told him he was VERY brave to do that big kid ride!!!

Riding the dinos with mom!

As a teacher, it was always important to me to show my students why learning things applied to how they would need them in real life. I love that when we got places and experience things we can show him why it's important to learn numbers and letters and how to read. (That's why I'm pointing at the number on the ground.)

Mount Everest! We didn't get to ride this last time so we were pumped to get to do it this time! We switched off and didn't wait in line at all!!

A little Tiger snooze!

The Jammin' Jungle Parade is really one to see if you visit Disney!! Watching the kids watch the parades is one of my favorites!

Even Sissy LOVED it! She perked up and waved, and clapped, and had a good ole' time.

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