Saturday, February 1, 2014

An Interesting January

How did I get almost a month behind already?

Levi is getting SOOO big, and soooo independent! I tried to snap this picture of him putting his undies back on all by himself, but he was too fast for me. When he talks, he sounds like he's 10. Most of the time he speaks in full, mostly correct sentences. He uses figures of speech and he's SO expressive! This morning, while he was laying in our bed (at 6am,) he told me "Ah Mom, your gotta be kiddin me!" I have no clue why he said it, I guess because I kept telling him we couldn't get up because the sun wasn't up yet?

This little darling just keeps growing and growing!! She is most definitely opinionated and she's most definitely a high maintenance girl. Sometimes she's soooo whiney, and she very carefully throws herself in the floor to throw a fit. But, oh my goodness does she make us laugh! She loves to play with her brother, she follows him everywhere and wants to do everything he does. (Which results in many fights because he doesn't want to share one of his 300 cars.) She's talking more and more every day and she's really getting into all things girly (along with cars and trucks.) She's still a monkey and insists on climbing on everything. She's also decided that if she's the slightest bit tired, she wants me to snuggle and hold her. So much so that if I try to put her down, she'll literally refuse to put her feet down. Scrunch them up into a tiny ball and hang on for dear life! But I DO love the snuggles!!

Nathan and Braeden are playing basketball right now, and the kids love going to watch their games!

This is Braeden's team.

So we had another freak parent thing happen to us. (Maybe with lots of prayers, that will be it for 2014?)

One night we were getting ready for some friends to come over for dinner. Chloe was her typical cranky-right-before-dinner self. Trent laid her down to change her diaper, and when he picked her up by her hands (like we do most of the time!) she started to SCREAM. We weren't really sure if she was just in a bad mood, but when it continued for a while and we couldn't get her to use her arm, we figured something was wrong.

We took her to the ER and before I even finished explaining what happened, the Dr. said "Oh, nurse maids elbow." Another one of these "happens all the time, but I've never heard of it" things. She twisted and pulled a little, then ordered an x-ray. Literally within MINUTES. She was totally fine. She's running in circles around Levi in this picture.

She immediately asked for a snack and was 100% happy! The Dr. watched her through the window for a few minutes and then came back to say she was canceling the x-ray, it was obvious that it was nurse maids. It's a slight dislocation of one of the bones in the elbow. How come no one told us about THAT in our newborn class??? We were SO relieved it wasn't serious and was a simple fix! Prayers answered again!

Snuggled up with my 3 favorite people!

Gunner was literally sitting straight up in my lap?!? Haha!

Nathan and Braeden had an extra week off of school so we decided to hit up the Aquarium!! We've been a couple of times, but this is the first time we got to go with our cousins! They were pumped!

Loving the manatee!

As soon as we booked our Disney trip I got all crafty! This was a while ago...luckily we're just a few days away from our trip!! Woohoo!!!

Bath time is ALWAYS one of the happiest times of day! Love them so much!

Magic bands have arrived!!!!

We're all super excited!!!

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