Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Welcome 2014!!

Look who hacked into my phone! I could stare at pics of these 2 guys all day long!

The library had a big New Year's Eve celebration during story time. Nathan went with us and showed his little cousins how to party!

Chloe wasn't real sure about all the commotion.

Party complete with hats, confetti, noise blowers, and poppers!

Most definitely my child.... (This is still how I prefer to watch a firework show!) Both of them totally flipped out when kids starting popping the little things!

After naps we played outside in our yard full of leaves! They were just too cute throwing them up in the air!

And then playing in the dut. Chloe LOVES to play in the dut. She has absolutely no regard for the fact that it shouldn't be in your mouth, hair, clothes, shoes, socks, nooks or crannies.

Then we had a wild and crazy night of skyping with Chase and Haylea! That's her hiding behind that blanket. haha!

NY Day we decided to hit up the Dillard's sale. Terrible idea. I hate people. Not really, just crowds of people. Ugh. But, it was a fun day with my mom and my sweet kiddos! Could've only been more perfect if Daddy wasn't working!

I know God will continue to bless us in 2014, just as he has done every single year. I pray we can teach our children more about Him this year, and that we can be better examples!
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