Friday, January 3, 2014

Chloe is 18 months?!?!

Life is flying by entirely too quickly!!! We stopped in to get her a quick check up on our way to keep baby Collin. Here are some Chloe factoids....

22 lb. 6.4 oz. (48%)
29.75 inches (4%) (and not the first time she's been in the single digit percentile for something!)

Her vocabulary is growing daily! Some of my favorite are "Yiyi" or Levi. She can say all her grandparents names clearly, only Grandpa comes out Papa. She's learned to ask for most things she likes to eat or drink (which is only like 5 things...haha) which is cutting down on the uber fussiness when she's hungry/thirsty. She will repeat pretty much ANYTHING you tell her too! Cereal is zoo just like Levi used to say. :)

She's a total monkey. It's like she can't stop herself from climbing on things!

She is really getting into girly, pretend toys. She also LOVES to play with her brother. She doesn't like to play independently like Levi always has. She much prefers me or Levi to play with her.

She still has her crazy sound that she's invented. Sometimes it's like she's speaking an entirely different language.

She melts our hearts each and every day. Especially when we pray at night or at the table and she ends with MAMEN!

After her check up, we headed to Plano to keep sweet baby Collin so his parents could go to a Christmas party. Levi ADORED him!!!

Chloe was a tad jealous...

He's reading to sweet is that?!?!

The night ended like this....snuggles with all! I'd say that's a success!!!

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