Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I forgot SANTA!! How could I forget SANTA?!?!

We decided to do our Christmas from each other at home. Chloe was all decked out in her gorgeous Christmas dress from church, but she kept stepping on it so we had to shed it later. :(

Loving her new chair!

I love seeing the excitement in their faces!

Especially Levi. He is old enough to start understanding WHY we celebrate Christmas. I pray we do a good job of teaching him that. He's always so grateful (so far!) so it makes it even more enjoyable!

Chloe was way more into the bucket of stale goldfish she found, haha!

She was getting the hang of ripping off the paper!!

Then we set out cookies and milk for Santa! Daddy and I called him and asked if he could stop by a couple of days early since we would be gone.

Obviously Chloe was ready for bed and doesn't quite understand what's happening. Haha!

I never want to forget this Christmas morning. Trent and I slept on the couch because we didn't want to risk missing their reactions. (Our room is upstairs, and Levi comes up to our bed when he wakes up every day.) Trent and I have quite the reputation for being big kids ourselves. There was one Christmas when we had no presents left by the time Christmas rolled around because we'd opened them all. Haha. Well, Trent was up waiting on Levi to get up! When he came in the living room, he didn't say "Santa came!" or "LOOK!!" He said "I WAS GOOOOOOOD!!!!" In the sweetest, most innocent voice. Since he's his 3, he's had more time outs and spankings than normal. But for the most part, he is a VERY well behaved kid!

Santa brought Levi a train table, a police car (that he's been asking for since October) a movie, sticker book, books, and some airplanes.

Chloe got a tunnel, a tea set, some books, a movie, and some other girlie things. :)

The magic was in FULL swing for Levi this year. I know it will be for Chloe next year. Our little family of 4 means more to me than I ever could have imagined. I honestly never knew how full my heart could get!

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