Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Nelson Christmas

Yes, I'm officially almost a whole month behind on this blog! But here we go....time to catch up.

We had our Christmas with my side of the family early since we'd all be traveling.

This sweet girl in her piggy tails just kills me!

She was much more excited about the ribbons on the presents than actually opening them at this point.

Nathan sneaking some bunny ears. :)

Oh these two....they are going to be Rob and Matthew Hawkins made over I'm afraid. Best of friends, with lots of fighting involved!

Our handsome, young man posing for a picture. He's so big!

What are we supposed to do here???

Levi was just a TAD bit excited!

He could hardly wait to start digging in!!

I had to help Chloe quite a bit, she wasn't real sure about it.

Nathan and Braeden are both really into legos right now!

Yay!!! Princess Anna!! She loves this doll and I just almost fall on the floor when she says "An-NAAAA!"

She got a kitchen from Nana and Grandpa!

And Braeden was really hoping to get a real football helmet for Christmas. :)

Let the quarreling begin....

Yet they don't like to be apart...

They always fought over that darn, awful ottoman (which had turned into a mushy bean bag) so we got them their very own chairs.


Brushing baby An-NAAAA hair.

Lucas the bobble head...hahahahaha so funny!

I could just eat her.

And this, my friends....is how we eat peanut butter balls at Nana's. Don't wanna mess up that adorable shirt!

I cracked up at Nathan wanting to use that pink vacuum. He'll love me for this some day. :)

So incredibly blessed to have these people as my family. The older I get, the more things I go through, the more I am in disbelief that I've been so blessed. I am so undeserving, but I am so thankful my God is not "fair."

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