Monday, December 2, 2013

A visit to Mimi's (and a few randoms...)

It got INCREDIBLY cold here in mid November! We had a couple of days where the highs were in the 30s! We pulled out the puffy coats and headed to the library for some fall fun!

Levi loved playing in the leaves!

Chloe liked playing with them, when she could find her hands. Haha.

Here's Levi pretending to be the masked rider. So cute!

Then he started to feel yucky :( He ran a really high fever one night so I ended up taking him to the doctor before we left for Amarillo. Virus of course...but I couldn't leave town wondering!

My 2 silly kids stayed on Mimi's pool table almost the whole time we were there! Levi's cough got REALLY bad, and it wasn't an asthma cough. Unfortunately we didn't get to go see Axle for that reason, but we did get to do a lot of relaxing and hanging out with Mimi!

Friday night, Carol treated us to an AMAZING dinner! Trent had told her he wanted to take me out for my birthday. She got us a gift card to this WONDERFUL restaurant!! It was so calm, relaxing and rejuvenating! There are no pictures because we left our phones in the car and just enjoyed each other. I sure do love that man. Then we went to see a movie we'd been wanting to see.

The next day we had a family dinner, kind of a mini Thanksgiving before Thanksgiving. Carol made some spaghetti squash. What beautiful, um.....squash!

As you can tell, we were being real mature about it! Haha!!

YouTube Video

Chloe is already into watching me put my make up on, and she thinks she needs some too. If you tell her "soooo pretty!" She'll put her hands under her chin like this! Hilarious!

We ended the night with a family game of farkle of course! Chloe loved rolling the dice!!!

YouTube Video

When we got home, it had warmed up a little so we headed to the putting green to let them play outside for a while.

Such a pro!

Since we knew we wouldn't get to see our Amarillo family on Thanksgiving, it was a great time to catch up! We had a wonderful weekend!

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