Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Princess play date!

We headed down to Flower Mound to have a little date with the Gann's!

Chloe loved jumping on the trampoline. Now she thinks the bed and couch are trampolines too!

She also insists on pilling all toys out of the toy box and them playing IN it! Haha

Levi drug alllll the cars out of course!

After Brielle got home from school they got to play some more! Levi got to go in with Diana and get her from her school. Before he got out of the car he told me he was gonna hold her hand. Sure enough, they came out holding hands!! So sweet!! I think both us mamas melted.

Brielle was playing dress up and decided to dress Chloe up too!! Such a sweet cousin!

Levi waiting for his cupcake...that he didn't eat.

And why did I not get a picture of that smiley baby Hason?!? He's gotten so big and is just ADORABLE!

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