Monday, December 2, 2013

Holiday Happenings...

My Uncle Bub & Aunt Debbie hosted family Thanksgiving the Sunday before actual Thanksgiving. It worked out great since we were all going to be out of town. We rode with Nana and Grandpa and I so enjoyed getting to chat with this sweety on the way!

She LOVES books! ("But the children love the bookkkkks!" Name that holiday movie!)

And who's that handsome devil?!?!

When we got home we finally got started on our Christmas decorations!!!

I had some very eager helpers this year!

Since he had gotten to help Nana decorate a week before, he was SUPER into it! (He was also verrrrrry upset with me for decorating the rest after he went to bed!)

She's so precious! I think I had to tell Levi a couple of times to stay out of the tree when he was one....Chloe spent almost the whole next day in timeout :/

And I guess just because this had a hook it went on the tree?!?

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