Sunday, December 8, 2013

Thanksgiving in Louisiana

For Father's Day we decided to give my dad a ticket to an SEC football game. The boys worked it out to go to LSU vs. Arkansas which just so happened to be Thanksgiving weekend. Sounds like fun to us!

We left on Tuesday and drove to Shreveport.

Thursday Chloe was feeling pretty crummy. :( We all crowded into Steve and Kristie's room for our delicious meal!

Makeshift pantry/serving bar?

And our DELISH dinner! We had to get real creative, but you know you can find everything on pinterest! There was of course lots of swimming in the indoor pool. (Kids really think that alone is vacation!) The men and kids also went to see the tiger at LSU. How cool is that?? They have a REAL tiger, with his own little habitat at their stadium!

Here the boys are all dressed in their purple and gold! (Both of our high schools were also purple and gold, so that's fun!)

And the girls all dressed to tour plantations!

First we went to Oak Alley. This place is GORGEOUS!!

I have actually been to Oak Alley before....obviously long, long ago! This is my dear friend Abby and her mom. I think this was 1997? And yes...those are socks and sandals!!!

The kiddos weren't too interested in what the tour guide was saying...

Considering what we drug them into....they were really good!

I'm not sure you can see it, but at the end of the trees is the levy that keeps the Mighty Mississippi in check. Before that levy was built, these people could see straight to the river through the trees. I can only imagine how gorgeous that must've been.

Chloe was SO not into pictures this day. Huh?

Lucas on the other hand.....was hammin' it up!!

They're SOOO cute!

Chloe and Nana

We ate on the plantation. The food was really good and southern! Chloe chose to eat goldfish, and only goldfish. And no, I'm not a terrible mother but I had to get the child to stop causing a scene somehow. Mother fail for sure.

Leading to this.....when in Rome! Mint Julep!

The kiddos needed to get out and run for sure!

Up next was the Houmas House. Strollers were allowed in this one, but she was not the least bit thrilled to have us in her group! Hahahahah! Someday she'll have kids too and she'll better understand.

That clock once belonged to Marie Antoinette.

Beautiful staircase!!

This one had TOOOOOONS of gardens!

It was a wonderful girls (plus Lucas) day!!!

We drove ALLLLLLL the way home on Saturday. Not fun. Levi was having trouble breathing all day in the car. So, we ended our trip with an ER visit. It wasn't anything dramatic....I just knew he needed a steroid and wasn't going to be able to wait until Monday. :( I'm at least thankful that I'm getting more comfortable and familiar with all his asthma triggers and symptoms. It's less stressful on me now!

Chloe looked like the most ridiculous hobo, maybe not more so than me! She had pulled on her bow and had a little pouf going on. And she'd dumped water all over her so we had to dig out clothes in the dark, driving down the road.

All in good spirits! We were in and out in an hour. Not too bad.

It was a really wonderful trip! I enjoyed doing something non-traditional!

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