Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Exciting visits

This is from the day of Levi's party. Everyone came over afterwards and had a fun filled day! Hason's thinking "you're not gonna pinch me are you?"

He's soooooo handsome with a baby in his arms!

We went to denton to hang out with Brent and Tiffy just a little while longer. I was so thrilled to finally get this little blazer from Mimi on her!

The next weekend we went to a birthday party. The birthday boys belong to a very dear friend of mine from high school! We haven't seen each other since college but our kids are close in age so I was glad to get them together! It was at a jumping place and the kids had a BLAST!

The pictures are all bad bc of lighting but you can tell they're having fun!

Wanting to go everywhere Levi does!

It was an adorable picnic party!!

Happy birthday Riley and Ryan!

Marissa and I have been friends since we were 12!! So cool to reunite when were all grown up! Are we???

Then we headed over to watch my little cousin play some football.

Everyone just about died of laughter at Levi's unprompted posing!

Love my uncle Bub! Sean played a great game and we had a ton of fun with the Uys family!

I couldn't help but capture their precious smiles!! Please please please don't grow up!

Sunday, I was super excited to go meet Holly at a Christmas market! Trent worked so it was just the 3 of us. Well..... Once we got there we realized there were no strollers allowed. The picture is worth a thousand words. Levi is clinging to my leg....all the way down the aisle.

But...they were AWESOME at lunch. It was 2:30 and they barely had any nap. Super impressed! And how sweet are these two?!?!?

Chloe wanted to stop by Nana's and do some Christmas shopping. Levi calls them "magzazines" and they LOVE to tell her what they want! Haha!

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