Saturday, July 21, 2012


This post is in no particular order. I've been meaning to blog forever, but ya know...I'm kind of busy these days! 2 kids under 2 is no joke people. But, I feel like we're settling in. Our little Diva has has a good day today, those have been pretty rare, so today I feel settled in. That will probably change tomorrow. :)

Here is Levi licking the jelly off his boy. 
 This is on Chloe's one month birthday! Hard to believe it's already been a whole month. I took her to be weighed a couple of weeks ago because my milk supply for some reason tanked. She wasn't gaining enough to make me comfortable (I say "me" because I'm still taking her to our pediatrician in Houston so I just wanted to make sure she was getting enough.) I decided to start supplementing with a little formula. Well that was making the poor thing constipated...she was MISERABLE for a couple of days. I think I've gotten my supply back up so no more bottles for her until we see Dr. Clarke next week!
 And these sweet cheeks just keep me laughing allllll the time. He LOVES our new back yard and begs to go out there all the time!

 Here's a comparison of the 2 of them at one month old. Chloe wanted to eat her fingers so it's hard to see the comparison of their mouths. I don't think Chloe looks as much like either me or Trent as Levi did.
 Here's our new view...
 Levi and I entertained ourselves with some buckets and spoons of water one day. Oh the little things.
 And here's tiny miss priss in her beautiful bed. This was a couple of weeks ago.
 This big boy picked up an apple and just started munching down! He ate half of it like that! I still always cut up his apples, but he wanted to eat it like a big boy.

 This one is just for Landon! Diana, please make sure you show him this fit face! Landon thinks Levi never throws fits.
 We're getting close to being settled in our house, but there are still things to get organized. Levi helped Daddy finish putting together the book shelf for his room. I started it, but of course messed something up so the boys had to finish it.
That's all for now...Diva is screaming so I must go!

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  1. I looove the comparison picture! and that fit face was a pretty good one ha! Sweet boy!