Saturday, July 21, 2012


So this post is strictly for me to remember things... But you might find it entertaining.

Levi calls water "bar." all water, water to drink (and drinks that aren't really water) the lAke, a pond, a pool, get the picture. It's hilarious! It's long and drawn out like baaaaaarl!

He pretty much tries to say anything, most of it sounds nothing like the real word, but he tries!

He loves chloe! When she fusses he will give her the Paci. After he did this once in front of my parents and they clapped for him, he started taking it away from her to get us to clap for him. Haha, he's quit that now luckily. Can't teach selfishness!

He will blow kisses now, say "night night" give hugs and kisses to everyone when we leave somewhere.

He loves golf cart rides!!

Hes also learned "no." it started by me telling him to tell gunner no, and turned into telling us no! Needless to say we are having to have some serious chats with him about that!

He is constantly getting in trouble for playing in the dog food. He will go get a piece and try to make gunner eat it. Or when hes gotten in enough trouble... He'll just try to sit on him while he eats.

He knows lots of body parts now. My 2 faves are mouth (where he wiggles his tongue at you) and fingers (he wiggles his fingers in the air.)

After watching the home run derby with daddy a couple of weeks ago he started swinging his air bat. Trent started saying "BOOOOM" so now he yells boom while swinging his bats (air or real :)) pretty funny!

He still says hi and bye to everyone. I'm sure he'll be known by all the golfers here soon because he yells hi at them after they finish up hole number 15.

I could go on forever, he's hilarious!

And now to miss priss... Otherwise known as Chloe! I finally feel like I'm getting to know her after a month. She's happiest in the morning, just like her big brother was. Yesterday she finally had a day where she actually did the eat, wake, sleep pattern. For those of you not familiar with it, I swear that's the secret to a good sleeper. That along with a consistent schedule. I haven't been to focused on a schedule yet because I need to make sure she's gaining an appropriate amount of weight first.

She's actually ok with tummy time for a little while!

She will lay in her bed and fall asleep on her own about 75% of the time. Sometimes she needs us to pick her u and calm her down still. She's doing really well at night though! I wake her up to eat around 11, then she wakes up around 4 to eat, then back to sleep until 7 or 8. At first I was very nervous because I found myself putting her in bed with us when she wouldn't go to sleep. It's much different with the 2nd because I felt like I needed sleep so much more! Whether Chloe was awake or not, come 8 o'clock Levi is up and ready for the day!! She's doing much better at night though!

She likes to be held over the shoulder. And she has a witching hour. And during that witching hour don't you DARE hold her any other way!

She's started grinning at us now! I forgot how much better that makes everything!

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