Monday, July 9, 2012

July 4th

Even though we were only about 50% unpacked and had no living room furniture, we decided to have everyone gather at our house for dinner on the 4th. This country little community is HOPPIN' on the 4th! It's an all day affair, starting with a golf cart parade. Everyone decorates their golf cart and drives through the community. Some were pretty clever! It's also a nice way to shop for carts. :) Since most people use them as transportation out here, there are some pimped out rides!

We invited Landon, Diana and Brielle up for the day and were SOOOOO thrilled that they came and hung out with us! Chloe was glad to meet her diva cousins!
 Nathan and Braeden didn't get any candy of course....pshhhh!
 Oh wait! There's a real car!
 This was Levi's first "parade" and he was pretty skeptical about it. He was very seriously watching. We couldn't get him to go grab candy.
 Sweet Chloe and her zoolander hair slept a lot! It was so hot but newborns just love that!
 All these little loves!!! Levi (1.5) Braeden (5) Lucas (3 mo.) Nathan (7) Chloe (2 weeks) Brielle (2.5) Aren't they precious!!!
 Next it was off to the lodge for some booths and lunch. Once again....very seriously watching it all!
 After a good Levi nap, we headed down to the beach so the boys and Brielle could take a dip. I of course wanted nothing to do with a swimsuit, so the girls hung out in the shade. Another good nap for Chloe! Diana and I just chatted away....I just adore her!
 Playing in the sand!
 Mimi got Levi some sweet patriotic swim trunks!!
 Yes...we were college style, sitting in lawn chairs. Our furniture could only be delivered on the 5th! Just a day late! Jim and Susan joined us for dinner too. They are friends of my parents from forever ago. Like almost as old as me! They met them when I was 18 months old and have been friends ever since. They moved to Lake Kiowa last fall and my parents just love having them here. I do too...that Susan is a hoot! I look forward to rounds of golf with them...someday....when the kids are a little older. :)
 Mr. Lucas! He's such a little man!! He has a lot of my dad's features, finally a blue eyed grandkid!
 All the kids LOVED playing in the back yard! (Excuse the dead stripe of grass in the yard, it's from the plumbers tying our new laundry room into the septic system.)
 The cook and the Gann's! I think Trent was the only one within a 3 mile radius not wearing festive clothes. :(
 And last but not least was FIREWORKS! I wasn't sure what to expect, and when they started out just barely visible above the trees we were scared. They did not disappoint though! It was a wonderful fireworks show! Levi and his Tia Diana!

 Chloe snoozing again...imagine that? Oops...we lost a sock!
 Gann girls! Beautimus!
 Me and my girl! Levi was sucking his thumb with his blanket. It was way past his bed time and the loud noise scared him. He was such a trooper but was totally wiped out and pretty cranky the next day!

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  1. I love reading your blog posts about all of the fun you have with family at your new home. Although we will miss you tremendously, I think it will be so great for your little family to be close to so many people you love.