Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What a blessed Christmas!

I am so thankful that our God sent His son to this earth for us. There is no other time of year that is more joyful than Christmas!!! We were very blessed again this year, I have a feeling each year is going to be more fun.

First are a few pics of my tree for my mom's friend ya go! I like to call it "Seusstacular, with a hint of Mom."

 Our journey through Texas began with a quick stop over night at Nana and Grandpa's. Levi snuggled with Nana a little before we headed of to Mimi's!!
 We got to Amarillo on the 23rd and surprised everyone! Trent is just terrible at surprises! He almost ruined it, but I think we shocked Mimi and Grams and Pops at least!!! Levi quickly realized the train around Mimi's tree. It took him a while to warm up to it, but he liked it a lot by the end of our time there!

 Christmas Eve we hung out at Brian and Danielle's. I can't believe how big Carson looks here!
 And Cameron was so good with Levi!! Trying on his hat....
 This picture cracks me up, he just propped up against Tifanie and made himself at home while he enjoyed some milk. He didn't eat ANYTHING for 2 days so I was glad he was at least drinking milk. I guess he was just out of his element and surrounded by people he doesn't see often. A LOT of people!!

 These are Carson's drums but Levi had a blast playing with them!!
 Then it was back to Mimi's to get an nestled in bed so Santa could come! We put cookies and milk out to make sure he had a snack when he stopped by. This is what he left Levi!! A perfectly SMALL stocking for the 1 yr old! haha! We are totally not into unnecessary junk.
Daddy helping Levi look through his stocking! It's Buzz Lightyear and Cars that light up! Both a hit!

 Opening his gifts from Mimi!
 Then we had to get all bundled up because it was C.O.L.D!
 Santa dropped a few things off over at Brian and Danielle's too!
 Somebody got into one of Santa's leftover cookies!! I couldn't believe he just walked over, shoved it in his mouth and went on about his business!

 It started to snow that morning about 10, we took Levi out in it for just a few minutes. Luckily it wasn't windy so we could actually enjoy it

 It ended up snowing about 4 inches on Christmas day! What a wonderful white Christmas! Here are my handsome fellas ready for Christmas dinner at Gram and Pops!
 Levi's awesome sweater was given to him by his Tia Diana last year!
 Levi and Brielle playing, Levi's still a little young to entertain her I think.
 The kids table.
 Brent opening his gift that I put in a very special box for him. :)
 Just chillin with Pops.
 Sweet little Gann babies!
 They slept through the gift exchange so they had to open theirs when they woke up.

 It's Tia Diana! She doesn't know I'm serious, but I will be sending Levi to stay with her for a week during all summers for "Spanish Camp." :)
 Relaxing with Mimi. By this point he was POOPED, quiet as a mouse!
 And I had to put this adorable little snow suit on him while we were there because I got it for like 3 bucks last year and I knew he'd only need it in Amarillo!
Then it was time for GAMES! We have proof: it is possible to finish a game of Phase 10 and I won!! We had a blast!!

I had a nice day of shopping with Diana on Tuesday before we headed out on Wednesday. Then it was off to the mass chaos that is The Nelson Family. Levi and his 2 cousins. Kristie found out that she's having another boy! If our new baby is a boy...Nelson family get togethers are going to require helmet and full pads.
Let the madness begin!
 Levi was so intrigued watching Nathan and Braeden open their gifts.

 That's Braeden's army man costume helmet, Levi put it on all by himself!
 This picture is only funny if you know how much my brother truly hates Gunner. :) I guess there is some love deep down inside there somewhere Uncle Steve!!
And Levi learning how to use golf clubs for the first time. The rule around the Nelsons is "you walk, you learn to swing a club!"
 Braeden was crying in the corner so Levi was going to check on him. He gets very concerned when people cry.
 The "big" boys got to play a round of golf on Saturday and Levi joined for a couple of holes.

 hmmm....I think I'll check out this sand trap mom!!!
Game night with the Nelson side.
And this, my friends, is how we traveled home. People often think Trent is "mean" because he says he'd rather have gifts to Levi's 529 or he says things like "if you a buy a toy you take a toy." But you think we had room for even another OUNCE of cargo??

 And I saved the best for last... a lot of the very important people in my life in one picture! If only we had Steve and Kristie on that green too!
It was such a wonderful Christmas! I was not ready to come back to Houston and start our "normal" lives, but I guess it had to end at some point. Thank you to all our family for making each holiday so incredibly special! We are so grateful to have such wonderful families on both sides!!!

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  1. I would take that little boy for the whole summer in a heartbeat!!! Landon wouldn't give him back!