Thursday, December 15, 2011

Vegas Baby! And Walking!!!

Trent and I had such a wonderful time in Vegas for our 5th anniversary! It was soooooo weird going through the airport Friday night! I was panicked the whole time because I kept thinking "there is NO way we are getting on this plane with ONLY my purse!!!" It was odd to have no baby bag, no stroller, no BABY! This was the first time we've left him overnight.....much less 4!! It was so wonderful to get away and spend some time alone though. We missed Levi like crazy but we enjoyed it so much!

Saturday morning we walked, and walked, and walked. It always looks so close in Vegas! I was dying to go to the Titanic exhibit. It will be there for 10 should definitely go if this stuff interests you and you're in Vegas! I knew Trent wasn't interested so he gambled while I went through the exhibit. I was sure missing you Holly! I needed my nerdy friend for this! No pictures inside of course.

 Last time we were there, Aria and City Center weren't quite finished. It was so cool inside!
 We stayed at Planet Hollywood and really liked it! It's very centrally located and everything is PINK AND SPARKLY INSDIE!!
We of course had to go see the floral exhibit at the Bellagio, it's always a treat!

 Trent enjoying a nice brew. I, the pregnant lady, indulged in coca cola and candy!
 We had dinner in Margaritaville one night. We've eaten there once before but we were pleasantly surprised at how good the food was!
Our boat table. :)

 The next night we had dinner at the Sugar Factory! Y.U.M. IS ALL I CAN SAY! And they had some delicious drinks that I WILL be trying next time we're there. Assuming I'm not pregnant, again. 
 It's in a perfect location, you can sit outside under heaters and watch the waters at the Bellagio. This was on our way to see Mystere. AMAZING!!! 
 We also did a Gondola ride at the Venetian, so cool!
 Beautiful tree outside Venetian!
 And THIS was in our room! CREEPY!!! It scared the bageezus out of me when we first walked in. How am I supposed to get any sleep with this thing here? The plaque said it was the actual costume used in the movie. Real or not, it was life size and on a mannequin. Not exactly my style of decoration!
Levi took 8 steps Thursday night before we left. We were just totally still and sat and watched and enjoyed it! Mom and Dad said he would take 5 or 6 steps at a time throughout the weekend, well as of today he is all over the place! Jeannie told me when I picked him up today that he walked a lot, boy was she right! I haven't quite figured out how to add videos from my iphone yet...but hopefully soon!

I know Nana and Grandpa had a blast keeping Levi. I'm pretty sure he had a blast too because Tuesday morning when Trent brought him down he looked at me like "oh, hey mom, you're back." 


  1. So glad ya'll had fun! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Oh, you know me so well (although, thanks for the "nerdy friend" label)! I really want to see the Titanic exhibit. It was actually in Denmark while we were there, but we just didn't have time. Looks like I will have to go to Vegas to see it now.

    I am really glad you and Trent had a great anniversary trip!! Looks like it was fun!