Sunday, January 15, 2012

Our week....

Well to start it off here is a baby bump picture. I'm 18.5 weeks now! I can't believe how fast it's going by! I also can't believe how pregnant I look already seeing as how as I haven't gained anymore weight than this point with my last pregnancy. Oh well...grow baby grow!!
 This was last Sunday at the grocery store, it's hard to believe he's this happy when he's sick! I'm pretty sure this was right around the time his first ear infection was settling in. :(
 We knew he wasn't acting like himself Sunday afternoon but he wasn't running a fever on Monday morning so we went ahead and went about our normal routine. About 3 o'clock Ms. Jeannie called me and said he was running a fever. I L.O.V.E. our pediatrician here. They always leave room open at the end of the day for sick babies so I have never had trouble getting him in after work. I left work as quick as I could and headed to get him. I didn't plan on taking him that afternoon until I noticed that he had green goop in his eye. He got some insect bites of some sort the Thursday night before right on his temple. (you can kind of see them in this picture.) I didn't know if all of this was related to the bites but he was BURNING up so I immediately called the doc and they said come on! Since we have no clue what bit him, there's no way of knowing if all of this is related to the bites or not but his left ear was definitely infected. We feel very blessed that he didn't get an ear infection until 14 months but it still isn't any fun! By the time we left the doc, got dinner, and medicine it was 7 when we got home. This was him by 7:20. I honestly think it's been over a year since he slept in my arms. We started very young putting him down and letting him put himself to sleep, so I sat on the couch and enjoyed this for a while!
 We had a blast on Tuesday! Since we got to start the antibiotics on Monday night, he already felt great Tuesday morning. He went back to Ms. Jeannie's on Wednesday. He figured out how to drink out of his straw sippys finally!
 I don't remember what night this was but we were laughing hysterically!! Trent was doing P90X and Levi was trying to jump up and down and exercise like Daddy. Then he would go get my giant jug of water and get a drink. It was hilarious!
 Saturday we headed out for some errands. Of course the boys needed to play at Academy. :)
 Picking out his putter.
Despite the minor sickness, we had a good week!

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