Sunday, January 22, 2012

A baby GIRL and a sick (again!) baby boy

Wow!! What a roller coaster week it's been around here!!! Wednesday morning was the big day....when we would find out if we were blessed with a baby boy or girl! Since my appointment was in the morning I was planning on taking Levi to the sitter a little late. He was having quite a bit of trouble breathing and was coughing a bit but he was playing and acting just fine. I gave him his inhaler and took him to the sitter. I headed off to my appointment where I found out we're having a GIRL!!! I was shocked and sooooo excited! Trent didn't go because he wanted to be surprised. She looks healthy and it was so exciting seeing her sweet little hands and feet wiggle around! I called to check on Levi a little later and he was doing ok, he wouldn't eat or drink anything but wasn't too miserable. I picked him up after school and we headed home to tell Daddy he is going to have a little girl!

 As you can tell, he quickly got more and more miserable. The inhaler wasn't working and he wouldn't eat or drink anything. :( Daddy is pretty excited though to find out what's in that bag!
 He spotted a feather!!!!
 I think he's already realizing he's going to have to match hair accessories to outfits! Levi looks less than thrilled for a sister..but really it's just because he doesn't feel good.
 We are so very excited and feel incredibly BLESSED that God has chosen to let us be parents of both genders!! Our excitement was quickly curbed by a miserably sick baby. By 9:00 we were loaded up and about to go to the ER because he started the barking cough and we knew it was probably croup. We talked to the on call doctor at our pediatricians office and he told us not to go unless we felt REALLY uncomfortable. Fortunately for us, no matter how sick Levi is, he seems to sleep well. He slept all night that night but Trent stayed home with him on Thursday and took him to the doctor. Sure enough, a little croup. They said it probably traveled from his head to his throat (remember he just had an ear infection last week!) They gave him a steroid shot and he got to hang out with Daddy all day, which of course made him ecstatic!
 Then by Thursday night, this was our smiley boy! Even still today he doesn't feel 100%, but he's getting better every day.

 Sunday we got the car washed. He was SO serious watching those cars!!!
And I've done a little crafting this weekend...just a few bows to start our collection!


  1. You made this bows?? I'm impressed!! I've tried my hand at it and don't seem to have the knack for it! Guess I should keep practicing. Hope you're little guy is feeling better! Congrats on your little girl!

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  3. Hurry for the craft room not getting put away!!!

    (had to repost, i put now instead of not in the first one, made no sense haha)