Thursday, January 5, 2012

Levi Update and Our First Day at the Park!

I haven't really updated on just Levi's progress in a while. I'm not sure how I've managed to update this thing 2 days in a row, but hey I'll take it! He is ALLLLL over the place and all boy!! The germophobe mom in me hadn't come out really until last week when he spent some time with his cousins. (Luckily, he thinks it's a blast to wash his hands!) Well, I realized it's because we haven't really done much outside that we had to worry about because he just started walking! It's been almost a month since he took his first steps, but it's only in the last 2 weeks that he has just absolutely taken off. He doesn't crawl at all anymore! So....I took him to the park yesterday because it was GORGEOUS outside! He's still pretty little to enjoy a lot of it, but he had a blast on the slide and pushing his car.

He talks a lot, and says quite a few words that we understand. One of which is "baby." He'll be whistlin' a different tune in 23 more weeks! He also says, hi and bye bye on command. It's really adorable! I had to take him with me to a function at school tonight and of course as soon as our principal got up to talk and the room was completely quiet, he yelled "BYE BYE!" as he waved. Ironically enough, we were having this function because our principal is leaving! Haha! I'm sure it wasn't as loud to anyone else as it was me. :) We loved hearing him saying "ho, ho, ho!" during Christmas. He acts like he's talking on the phone and says "eh-whoa!" One day I though, Uh oh he's getting an ear infection! (*knocks on wood*...we haven't had one of those yet!) Nope...he was just pretending to hold the phone! haha

He loves to dance, he's almost always happy, and absolutely makes us laugh hysterically every night. As I type this, I'm watching him play with Daddy. This is my favorite time of day! He's fed, happy and loves playing with mom and dad!

He loves to do our night time routine. He loves his bath, brushing his teeth, playing while we read a book and is always eager to get in his bed. Usually by the time we're done saying our prayers, he's flipped over on his belly with his booty in the air, sucking his thumb and holding his blue blanket. I'm so thankful he's such a good baby!

Hopefully I can update more in 2012!

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