Saturday, October 11, 2014

I'm so behind it's embarassing....

Life just keeps getting busier and busier! So here goes a few catch up posts...

Roanoke has as really cute little downtown area we discovered. So fun!
 Shelly bought this snake at the Rainforest Cafe FOREVER ago for Levi. I never dreamed it would sleep with Chloe so  often! Ha
 They are both growing so incredibly fast. I definitely do not feel like I have a baby anymore, just two grown little people walking around with me!
 We met up with the Gann's at the zoo. Always a great time with them!
 I swear it still seems like it's not real that they belong to us!
 "fishing" at the library
 Chloe's favorite thing to do at the zoo is feed the crazy goats!!
 Proof that mom is CHOPPED LIVER. 
 I got to meet up with my friend Marissa again one more time before her sweet little girl was born! These are our two littles. :)

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