Saturday, October 11, 2014

Beach Weekend with my Batesies!

These are not in the right order, but ain't nobody got time for dat.

While we were at the beach we got to see Trent's Dad, Stepmom and brothers. We had dinner with them one night and they came back to swim and hang out with us. Cameron and Carson bout made me have a heart attack swimming so far out!

 Leslie thought we matched as we were leaving so she made us take a pic. However I looked like a hobo so we cut our heads off. Ha!
 I hardly took any pics while we were there. I did some unplugging and just enjoyed the time. I did capture our adventures at Moody Gardens. 
 I was so incredibly happy that Trent got to go with us this year! Last year he was working and didn't get to come. :( 
 The beach with kids is a lot of work. The day goes something like this.....
Wake up
Feed all the kids (5 in total between all of us)
Sunscreen, swim diapers and swimsuits
Trek to beach with a gazillion things
Kids playing joyfully
Kids asking for snacks
Kids playing
Kids melting down
Repeat 3x
 My mom got them these magnadoodles for the trip, Levi drew us some beautiful pictures!

 This  was SO creepy!!! This darn snake was crawling up the glass! Chloe wasn't going NEAR it for a picture! Can't say I blame her. I was quite surprised at this kid!
 So Chloe looks like she's sticking her tongue out in EVERY picture. She still has this gigantic lisp, so when she says cheese her whole darn tongue comes out her mouth!
 Home for the week with some of my favorite people in the entire world. So grateful they let us share it with them!
 Hugging her friend Audrey bye! They got along a lot better this trip, they'll be bffs before we know it!

 Take a good look....probably won't happen for another 5 years!

Love you Batesies!!!

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