Thursday, September 4, 2014

Amarillo! (And a couple of other random ones...)

Uncle Brent came up to hang out with us!

 This was Chloe's first time playing dress up. She really wasn't all that sure about it!
 Little stinker would not put this hat down!
 I think this was the day it was like 60 degrees. IN JULY! IN TEXAS! We had dentist appointments that morning, so we decided to enjoy the zoo afterwards!

We finally made a trip to visit our Amarillo clan!!! First up was checking out Mimi's new place! The kids loved walking around the little duck pond!!

 The next morning we headed out to the barn to ride the horse. They both did so incredibly well this time! No tears!

The time has come for the battle of the outdoor musicals! I really loved Texas! It was very different than the Fandangle, more professional. The Fandangle is more country, small town people (my favorite kind of people by the way!) just telling a story. 

I don't know how we kept up with these 4.....they're trouble!

 Palo Duro Canyon is SO gorgeous!!!!!
 Who knew? Nuns like Texas! too!!
 Can't beat that scenery!!!

Up next was Wonderland!!!! This was almost torturous for our tiny little daredevil. :( Levi was tall enough to ride quite a few more things....and wouldn't ride any of them. Chloe was an inch too short to ride everything, and literally threw a fit every time she was too small. :( 
 Levi had a BLAST on the kiddie rides!
 And Chloe did MUCH better following the rules this year! No jumping out of cars, or climbing over the seats on the boats. Whew....

 We finally got this guy on the frog hopper!! He loved it then, of course!

Frog Hoppin'
We had a wonderful weekend with Mimi, Grams and Pops. Always good to get to see them!! And we were sure glad Daddy got to go this year! He kept wondering why on earth we had all these "last year...." times, well it was because we'd just opened Ardmore and he worked all the time!

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