Sunday, June 15, 2014

My Batesies!!!!!!

So as if being a mom of 2 toddlers isn't enough, Haylea's in school now too. Our conversations aren't near as often anymore but I was ECSTATIC when she said they were loading up and coming to visit!!! Levi was SUPER PUMPED!

They all loved goggles!
Gainesville doesn't have a ton to offer, but way more than Crane! We took them to the zoo! But first, a quick little picnic.
Little darlings waving at the train...
Who's that cute giraffe??

Audrey and Chloe are so much alike. They DO.NOT.STOP! They also fight....they'll be bffs in another year like the boys.

Feeding the goats!

I took the kids to the zoo a week before this to see the dinosaurs and it went like this....

 They both HATED IT!

But Levi was much more confident this time around!

We made a few trips to Starbucks...and the kids got treats too of course. 
 Poor Chloe was worn out!! Too much fun for her!

This happened a lot that week...
 And we did a lot of swimming!! Gage wasn't really pumped about it at first, but he warmed up to it! He and Levi had so much fun cleaning out the skimmer buckets. We left the net on for a lot of the time they were here. Those boys played in the skimmer buckets for hours!

 He loves his Uncle Trimp! It's a mutual thing. :)

 Little stinker!
 I love these Batesies so much, there are no words!!

Thank you for coming to visit us!!! And come back soon!!!

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