Friday, June 6, 2014

Meeting Up With an Old Friend!

A really good friend of mine from Crane lives in the DFW area as well. We have been friends since 6th grade!

I was very blessed with a great group of friends in junior high/high school. I don't talk to any of them as much as I wish I did, but they still hold a very dear piece of my heart!! We were so close, and did EVERYTHING together! (These are no means all of them....just the few pics I could grab that had me and Mesa in them!)

Anyway....Marissa and her family live close and we've been meaning to meet up forever!! Our kids are very close in age so it was so fun to finally get them together!!!

 Riley and Levi are just a couple of weeks apart in age!!

 Ryan and Chloe are only a few months apart! And now she's expecting a sweet baby girl!! yay!!!!
 Chloe loves to watch the animals!
 They all wanted to watch the elephants for like 30 minutes. Probably 3 times. Haha!
 Handsome buddies!!

It was so great to catch up with Mesa and get to spend time with her adorable boys! 

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  1. So much fun!! Hope to see y'all again very soon!!!