Thursday, September 5, 2013

Totally random

We haven't done anything too incredibly exciting lately, but we've still been having a great time!

Levi had his first asthma issue (I say issue, because attack sounds so dramatic!) a little over a week ago. After some steroids and a lot of albuterol, we're back to normal fall prevention. We spend A LOT of time with the nebulizer this time of year and I think Chloe got a little jealous!! She crawled right up I'm her daddy's lap!

We've been doing some "mommy school" and this was our "bears on a beach snack." It doesn't look like the pic on pinterest but he LOVED IT! Chloe just wants the teddy graham!

Hmmm....wonder where he gets this?? The Gann side knows what I'm talkin about!!

We had a fun lazy chore day last week. Levi LOVED helping daddy change the oil!

Can you see that spider?? It was huuuuuge!


Sissy had a blast too! (Princess jasmine needed to help you know!)

Later we washed the golf cart and Levi's truck....teaching him early!

Sissy just played....I'm teaching her early too! That's a man job!

So serious!

Chloe loves this snake!! She carries it around saying ssssssssss!

College football kicked off so you'll know where we'll be on Saturdays!! I paint my toes a nice fall shade and we had football food, even though it was 105!

Sweet baby Collin came to visit us yesterday. We literally did nothing, but it was awesome!!!!

Some favorite quotes....

" Dat be good?"
" yes nam" or "no nam"
"Oh wow!!!"
"Awwwww him cute!" (Gunner and sweet Collin.)
"Gotta yay down me" (lay down at night)

His constant bargaining! "First do (this) next do (that) then go bra house. Dat be good?"

Chloe: moment and quotes
"Ta to" thank you
"Da" dog
"Bop" ball

Bringing me some sparkly shoes to put on, and then bringing me different sparkly shoes to put on 3 minutes later!!! That's my girl!!

Running to the door when Levi yells "Dat daddy hooooooooome!!!"

Helping me fold clothes and unload the dishwasher

Dancing!!! She loves to dance!! She's such a ham at the library!!

And she loves to read books. Well independently, she doesn't really want you to read to her. She likes to be in charge. She loves that same fish book at Levi loved so much!
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