Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Beach with Batesies

Haylea's family rented a beach house for a week and were gracious enough to let us crash for a couple of days with them. The worst part was Daddy didn't get to go with us. This was just a couple of days after we got home from Puerto Rico, so he needed to stay and work. :(

For anyone who doesn't know....Gage is 2 mo older than Levi, and Chloe is 3 mo older than Audrey. They were SUPER fun to watch!! Each time we get together they love each other more and more and it fills my heart with joy!

Silly girl! Terrified of the inflatable turtle!

YouTube Video

Beautiful view!

Gage really didn't want Levi to have to sit in time out alone!

It's almost impossible to get pics of the 2 of them!!

How cute are they sitting together at their tiny table?!?!

This is one of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen in my life. You should see her eyes!!!

(Picture courtesy of Aunt Lulu) There was this awful seaweed mess. Evidently it's an annual thing. I couldn't believe how brave Levi was this trip! He just walked right through it!

Gorgeous beach babies!!!

Chloe actually hated the beach part. She didn't like the sand, she didn't like the water. I have no clue where she gets that from? (The last time we went down, I put one of those bamboo mats down for her. She much preferred sitting on it! And then she actually splashed in the water.)

Us and Gooma and Audrey!

These little stinkers!!!

We decided to take the kids to Moody Gardens the next day. They all LOVED IT!!

Watching the "sea-whales" as Levi called them. (seals)

I knew Levi would dig it, but Chloe was totally into it!!!

Chloe is terrified of Audrey, haha! Audrey is sooooo lovable, but it scares Chloe to death! It cracks me up that she even wanted to be touching Chloe in their strollers!

The Chloe turtle!

Two pretty cool frogs if you ask me!

Of course we weren't fast enough to catch Gage...instead we caught the 2nd attempt gone wrong.

Last time we went to Moody Gardens we had no children and the Rainforest Pyramid was closed because Ike destroyed it. Quite a different experience this time!

I love taking them to experience new things! My hope is that when they get in school, they won't get that awful blank stare on their face when their teacher asks them "Have you ever seen a.....?"

These crazy frickin monkeys!!! At first I thought oh that's cool! They get close. Well then we found out that they like to jump on strollers and it jumped on the door handle right behind us trying to follow us inside!

Look how happy he is!! Sorry for the terrible pic.

Chloe had so much fun!! She pointed at each and every exhibit and then was thrilled to run around when I let her out of the stroller!

They also had a little dinosaur exhibit. Levi really wanted to go...and then of course got scared. Can't blame him, they scare me a little too!

Then it was on the big paddle boat! Everyone was excited at first, but it quickly escalated to the "Meltdown Cruise."

I spend so much of my time trying to teach them to be kind to each other. Seeing this literally turns me into a puddle on the floor!

Then we went from this.....

to this....

and this.....

and this....

and finally this....(before I finished buckling Levi in!) Obviously they missed their naps and had tons of excitement!!!

Then we headed back to chill for one more night!

If you're happy and you know it...

clap your hands! These two definitely have a love of music in common!!

Party under the table!!! They're all 4 under there!

We let the boys stay up extra late to go crab hunting with us. I can't even tell you how proud I was of Levi! He did decent with the crabs, but he was awesome in the water! He was holding my hand and trying to drag me out further in the water! Lester was fishing way off the shore (still only knee deep) and he so wanted to go with him! We all know I wasn't going!

What a wonderful week with some of my favorite people! They are such blessings in my life!!!

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