Monday, September 16, 2013

Balloon festival and Trent's 30th!

This past Saturday was a real treat! I spent most of the day with Diana and Kristie at the Beth Moore Simulcast our church hosted. Beth Moore did not disappoint of course!! I'm so glad that I have these two wonderful sisters in Christ! I love them both dearly!

Saturday night we headed out to the balloon festival for a family fun evening.

This festival is kind of a big deal in Gainesville. It's not the fanciest, but they have really cool activities for the kids! There was even an air show, but we missed that.

We just happened to check out a Babar book from the library last week where he rode in a hot air balloon. Levi was VERY anxious to see them! (It was too windy for them to fly :()

Chloe loved getting out of the stroller and running around! I have no clue how she had any energy because she didn't eat a SINGLE BITE of supper! I really hope she gets out of this phase soon. It's very annoying, and a little big worrisome.

This one was one of my faves, simple....but cool!

Of course there were some pretty ornate ones! It was too windy for them to fly, but they still did the glow which is really cool! Levi was so amazed by the fire that blew them up! And Chloe pointed over and over again!! She'd point at the balloons, then point up and say (whatever her jibberish is) sky.

Sunday we had a little birthday dinner for Trent's big birthday! We'll be gone so we all wanted to celebrate a little early. I pinned this cake a LONG time ago knowing that it would be PERFECT for his birthday! He's a chocolate lover! It's called "Ultimate Death by Chocolate Cake." True statement. It's a chocolate cake with a layer of brownie in the middle, iced with chocolate frosting and coated in chocolate chips!! Yikes! (Funny we drove off for supper, Levi says "Gunner gon get on dat table eat dat BIRTDAY CAAAAAAKE! (because he must always yell those two words.) I thought, oh crap! he's right! So I made Trent turn around so I could put it on the kitchen counter. Genius I tell ya!)

We all met at Ernesto's in Pilot Point. The boys kept insisting they bring him a sombrero and sing to him. Of course Grandpa told the waitress to. Hahaha!

NafBraen (That's what Levi calls them) were dying laughing!

Sister ate nothing again...but she was in good spirits!!!

Levi taking a turn with the big hat!!

Grandpa's turn!!!

Then it was home for cake and ice cream!

He was so mad I lit the candles and made everyone sing. Hello?!?! This is a big birthday!!!!

Levi helped of course! After we made the cake he kept saying "Mine gotta sare wit Daddy!"

And it wouldn't be a proper Nelson gathering without a backyard ball game! (And the babies falling down the stairs outside.)

It would've only been more perfect in the Gann clan would have been with us! We definitely missed them on this momentous occasion!!! I kept thinking about Mimi and how MISERABLE she must've been this time 30 years ago! Hahaha....but it was so worth it, right Mimi? Surprise and all!!!

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