Monday, August 19, 2013

Random Catch Up...

Our two sweet babies are growing up so incredibly fast! These are just some random happenings from lately.

Daddy and Levi went on a man date to see planes, so Sissy and I got to have some girl time! (Well, really we just went to the grocery store...)

She was darn adorable doing it though!!! This girl has so much spunk! She's absolutely hilarious!

When the boys got home, we cooked supper and had the Nelson clan over for supper. We got an extra big surprise when Uncle Brent called and said he was coming too!!!! Wonderful Sunday evening!!!

She doesn't normally have that odd pony tail sticking out the side of her head, but that's how I have to pull her hair back when she wears a head band. She was extra fabulous at church, but we had to lose the ruffles for play time!

These two are bffs! They grin so big when they see each other! Lucas is soooooo much taller than her!! So crazy how kids are all so different!

I've become slightly obsessed with this humongous wasps. The first sighting was at Steve and Kristie's. Mom and I FLIPPED out and made everyone come inside. Steve wasn't so worried because they'd had them the year before.

We had them flying around the porch that night we were all having dinner. We figured they'd made a nest under the porch. When I got home from the beach last week there were like 7 dead locusts on the porch. Well, after a little research I've discovered they're called "Cicada Killers." They have a very short adult life span and only live as adults from July-August. They dig holes in the dirt, kill 3 or 4 cicadas, put them in the hole and lay eggs on them. The eggs live on the cicadas and complete the other 3 stages under ground, then show up again in July. I'm fascinated that they just carry the cicadas around like this! I don't want the darn things around, but I kind of feel sorry for them! We probably won't have to worry about them next year because they can't get the cicadas down there!

YouTube Video

These kiddos are BUUUUUUSY these days! Levi acted like he didn't want in the picture, but he really did!

I was trying to catch the cuteness of this outfit...but she just wouldn't sit still!

This morning I took some of the clan to the playground since the weather has been so nice. This is the first time we've been since Chloe's walking good. She LOVED the slide!!!

Nathan made sure I got him going up AND down these bars....

I informed him I only got his butt. haha He wanted to make sure I sent it to his Momma!

They're all decked out in Rangers gear because the big boys got to go to the game with Nana and Grandpa tonight.

And Levi just crawled right up this like it ain't no thang!!

I leave you with this....At first glance I was ready to rip into Levi, but as you can tell it was most definitely a sibling love kind of moment. Even if it's a weird kind of love! haha.

YouTube Video

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