Monday, August 19, 2013

Museum Fun

Last Saturday, the boys were working so Nana and I decided to head to the Natural Science & History Museum in Ft. Worth (I think that's what it's called.) I was really praying that everyone was out school shopping and NOT at the museum! Turned was a pretty great weekend for the museum!

First we attempted the IMAX. We only lasted like 20 minutes. Still too young for that! Though Levi did love "dat big dolphin movie." (What he watched of it anyway.)

Next up were the dinosaurs. He liked the exhibit. But he really like "digging for bones." It was uber hot, so we found on REALLY fast! He's the best darn paleontologist/archaeologist ever!

I really wanted to take them to the "Children's Museum." In Ft. Worth that's code for a really small section of a museum. Houston's Children's Museum rocks, so everything else is a little disappointing. I think I actually like the Children's part in the Perot better.

"dis!!!!" She doesn't say a whole lot, but she says THIS a lot!!!!

My little loves doing the grocery shopping for a change. When can I send them on their own? :)

We need a bagel mom!!

Chloe had to take care of the babies in the hospital.

Levi wanted to drive the "weewoo" of course! (See the little monster trying to sneak in? Don't worry...she barreled her way to the drivers seat.)

She's coming....

Out of my way buster!

Next we hit up the flying object area. Levi really liked this!!

Sister was getting veeeeeery sleepy!

We built our own flying object and Levi wasn't too pumped about me taking his picture before we launched!

It actually worked! Even though I was a science teacher...I'm kind of terrible at this stuff. 4th grade science in Texas is actually incredibly uneventful in my opinion.

YouTube Video

Then we tried out the momentum pad before heading home.

I'm really loving this phase where Chloe is getting really interested in exploring too. It's definitely a challenge for me to feel like I'm engaging them both enough on their own level, but one I'm grateful I get to tackle each day!

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