Thursday, June 20, 2013

Father's Day 2013

This man deserve like 14 Father's Days....maybe even more. I appreciate him more than I could EVER express in words. There are too many Dad's who don't have values like they should. Levi, Chloe, and I are so incredibly blessed to have him leading our household! We were distracted by being worried about Levi so it probably wasn't as grande as I should have made it....but we did have a wonderful day together.

Daddy and his munchkins ready for church!

We went shopping and got Daddy a few of his favorite things. :) We also spent the afternoon hanging out at the beach...most definitely one of Daddy's favorite things!

We were discharged from the hospital today! I was super impressed with the discharge process. We've been in the hospital 3 other times in the last 2.5 years and were never discharged so quickly! The doctor came in to examine him at about 9:00 and we were in the car at 11:15! That was including a stop to see the race car outside! CookChildren's is an amazing hospital with activities for the children to do every day. Since he's been on contact restriction he hasn't been able to leave his hospital room though. 4 DAYS IN ONE ROOM WITH A 2 YR OLD!!!! Eeek.... Luckily, the activity was his favorite on the day he could finally go outside!!!

Daddy brought birthday girl to see me last night! She and I had a little date in the cafeteria and then we played outside on their little "park."

The doctor explained that the MRI took so long because there isn't an order for a clavicle MRI. He ordered shoulder, so when they were sending him pictures he was asking them to scoot further over to make sure the infection had not spread at all and that it wasn't in the bone. It was a miserable 4 hours, but I know he was doing what was necessary for us not to have to do another MRI and to ensure it wasn't in the bone. He was sent home with 3 weeks of antibiotics that he has to take 3 times daily. The medicine has a terrible taste so we are mixing it with something sweet each time. He can still tell...he doesn't like it! I pray it's not a huge battle 3 times a day for 21 more days!!! And hopefully 3 weeks of sweet drinks don't give him cavities. :( We're also doing probiotics for his little tummy. I haven't done probiotics in the past. Neither of my kids have really been bothered by antibiotics the few times we've been on them. But...this isn't your average amoxicillin.....this is hard core stuff. With 3 weeks worth of it, plus the 4 days in the hospital, I think we should make sure and take care of his tummy.

Tonight I'm totally at peace with all 4 of us under the same roof. God is good! Always answers prayers!!

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