Monday, June 10, 2013

Waters Reunion 2013

This is actually the first year we've made it to this reunion. For a few years it was in Odessa, then last year I was SUPER pregnant. My mom's mother was a Waters. She had 13 siblings, so there are quite of few of those "crazy Waters'!"

First things first. Lately...I've been getting these ideas for outfits and it's like I have to make them RIGHT NOW. So Chloe's outfit was completed just in time Thursday night. haha There are definitely a few kinks to work out, but I see these outfits online and think...I can make that! And I did! Boo ya!

We played golf in the morning, then Daddy took them back to Harley and Jane's to take a nap. Chloe made it back after nap time with no bow. :(

Having fun with Grandpa! She's crazy about him!!

One of the cousins always makes one of these for the auction. It's quite large!!

My cousin Shelle, volunteered to organize it. (For some odd reason...) But it was really great!

We were really excited to see Rob & Jessi...we haven't seen them in a while!!

Chloe's new trick is to give kisses and say "mmma mmmma!" I love it!

Levi & Chloe playing with Holton. (He's being sweet...not hitting her.)

Not a great picture...but they are ADORABLE!

We even had our very own baby sitter! Carly (8) is Shelle's daughter and she was great with Chloe! And Chloe loved her!

Jessi & Levi

Albany has a very nice new pool. We had it all to ourselves from 6-8!

Here's Levi going down the big slide with Daddy. Notice the difference in his reactions in the 2 videos!

YouTube Video

We like to call him "Cautious Carl." Daddy really wants him to be a thrill seeker...but he does have a little of his momma in him! Let's just all pray he rides roller coasters! He will have no fuddy duds on our family vacations!

YouTube Video

The kiddos had a blast! Ironically enough, it wasn't hot at all so the water was super chilly!

Shelle, me and Jessi...I love my cousins!

And Shelle loves a silly face...

Those 3 say TROUBLE! Well actually the 2 on the right...but how stinking cute are they?!?! Neither one of them has ANY fear!

5 precious kiddos!!

And Chloe playing peek a boo with Carly. She absolutely had a blast with Carly!

I'm so thankful I got to spend this time with my cousins!! I have such amazing memories with them from when we were children, I LOVE getting to see them!!

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