Friday, October 19, 2012

4 months!?!?

Our little Chloe Grace is flying through her first year! She had her 4 month check up today and got a wonderful report! She's a teeny tiny little thing. She weighs 11lb 9oz (5th%...yes 5th!) and is 23.75 (21%) inches long. Despite me always worrying about her not gaining enough, she's perfectly healthy. Dr. Ridder says she looks great! I really like our new pediatrician. The preventative things she gave us for Levi's allergies have really helped him. I'm afraid Chloe's got them too though :( She's got her watery eye and clear snotty nose again today and Levi's coughing and sneezing are worse. Unfortunately we can't give allergy meds until 6 months for Chloe, but we are prepared for Levi!

Here are a few more things she's up to!

She can roll from tummy to back

Still loooves bath time

Wears size one diapers but I think
we're gonna have to move up soon

She's grabbing her toys on the play mat now and is playing with little toys when we put them in her hands. Her favorite is her little lady bug.

Sleeps 11 hours at night! Mom and dad LOVE that!

Likes to be swaddled when she's sleeping. She acts like she doesn't like it but sleeps much better when she's all bundled up!

Watches her brother like a can tell she can't wait to play with him!

Levi is so sweet to her, this morning he was talking to her while pointing at me and saying "mom!" It was like he was teaching her who I am. :) He's started throwing toys at her, in the sweetest way possible. He's not being mean, he's just giving her toys and hasn't learned how to be gentle quite yet. I'm really impressed that he really doesn't show aggression towards her at all!

I still don't know what I did to deserve these 2 little blessings, but I sure am thankful for them!

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