Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dear Blog, I have NOT abandoned you!

As you read in my last was telling me that I was out of storage. Well our computer died (so sad) so I haven't uploaded any pics from my camera in like a month, nor have I posted anything! I'm hoping with this post I can get going where at least I can blog from my phone!

The ole' blog has missed A LOT! I've been making notes on my phone of things I need to put in so that I won't forget them!

We'll do Mr. Levi first.

He's learned to tell you how old he is, and I must say I've never heard anyone say "one" in any cuter way!
He LOVES to put money in his piggy bank. He's got quite the stash in there now.
He hits the golf ball pretty stinking good now, hardly misses anymore!
He went through a phase where he called me "mom mom." It was adorable...but it's already passed. :)
He loves trucks and busses! He can spot them and hear them from miles away.
He calls cereal zoo.
Just Monday he counted to 3 all by himself!!! Then this morning he counted the pumpkins on our porch! There are 4 of them. :) One proud momma I tell ya!

Sleeps all the way through the night now! Wahoo!! She's been doing it for about a month now, but seems to wake up when we have company. A couple of weeks ago one of Trent's friends came to visit and she woke up in the middle of the night and last weekend when Mimi was here she did too. I just reswaddle her, give her and paci and put her back in bed. Now that she's proven she doesn't need to eat at night, I don't feed her. She sleeps from about 8pm - 7am.
She HATES loud noises! Dog barking, doors slamming, Levi likey.
On 9/11 she rolled from her tummy to her back! She doesn't do it very often because she actually enjoys tummy time.
She loves the bath! She always laughs when we wash her tummy and her palms.
She watches Levi anytime she's awake! She smiles as he runs around doing all the Levi things he does. :)
Yesterday she started kicking the toys on her play mat. She doesn't grab too much yet, but she'll hold onto toys if I give them to her.

Being mischevious! But, oh my, does he bring joy to our lives!
 I absolutey could not wait to put these sweet Uggs on her that Tia Diana gave her! We are loving the cool weather!
 We went to a dog competition at the Lodge while Mimi was here, he LOVED looking at all the big dogs!
 How is this even possible??

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