Monday, September 12, 2011

Labor Day with the Gann's!

Labor Day weekend we went to San Antonio to met up with all of Trent's family! It was a WONDERFUL relaxing weekend hanging out with people we love!

Wake up Uncle Brent!

 Pool Fun!

 He loves to snuggle when he gets out of the pool, Grammy was the lucky snuggler this time!
 Uncle kisses!
 Boys will be boys....I'm sure Mimi was having a few flashbacks at this point!

 Mimi is really funny!!!

 More Mimi fun! She hit the honeyhole with this Nemo ball!
Mimi preparing Levi for his eye puff someday, hahaha.
 Mimi and Grandpa Lin!!
 Silly pops!!
 It was so great to see everybody! It will probably be a couple of months until we see them again, so we're glad we got to meet up this weekend!!!

Sorry I've been terrible about updating, I've felt like I'm drowning at work. (So much so that I came home and told Trent I was DROWNDING, haha!) I'm hoping that now that we'll be here on the weekends I can stay caught up. So much to do and so little time!!!

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