Monday, September 12, 2011

Kia Ora!!

First on our travel list is Arlington. This trip was for me, and I had a BLAST!! To most of you reading this, you're probably saying "Who the heck are Dan and Rachel?" But to Les Mills would be the equivalent of a country music fan meeting George Strait!

Me and Lori, a fellow instructor and great friend! We elbowed and RAN our way right up to the front! I'm pretty sure I got Dan and Rachel sweat on me!

 This was at the end of the awesome!!! Except that we couldn't kick, or we'd kick a neighbor.

Getting a little edumacated. 

No we didn't plan to be dressed like them! If I could pick any other woman to might be Rachel! She's beautiful and tough all in one! Plus she creates a way for people to become more fit for a living, while traveling the world. Rough life huh?

It was a really fast trip, Levi stayed with Aunt Kristie while all the boys played golf. Nana still has a bummed foot from her surgery so I think she just played while Aunt Kristie did all the work! I'm sure she was so sad. :)

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