Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I'm finally getting to update!! We've been busy having some quality time with each other and good friends! Trent's birthday was on the 18th so he decided he wanted to take Levi to the zoo. We met with the Joiners, some friends of ours from college who also live here

Here are the proud Daddys! Isabella is about 2 weeks older than Levi.

Me and Levi feeding the giraffes some tasty lettuce
Daddy and Levi checking out the aquarium
Sweet Izzy
We had to do something extra special for Daddy since it was his birthday!! Blueberry pancakes and eggs in bed! We decided to let Levi eat in our bed too, what a nightmare! haha
This is his "cheese" face....he makes it whenever I get the camera out!

A little birthday cake for Daddy!
Go red raiders!

The cheese face again!

This kid looooves to be outside!

I bought him this little picnic basket and he carries around this disgusting steak all the time! He and Daddy are growling over it here. :)

Hobby Lobby, how I adore thee. I finally made some time to make us a new fall wreath!
 Saturday we had a play date with a  friend from church. She's 2 months younger than Levi and just a doll!!

" have to eat it like this!"

We also got a surprise visit from Nana and Grandpa Saturday evening!! We enjoyed a delicious dinner on the Kemah board walk and Levi got loooots of  loving! I didn't take pictures of course. I'm trying to be better! Hopefully it won't be 2 weeks before I update again!

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  1. your wreath is sooo pretty! I haven't made time for crafts in a long time, makes me sad. I'm gonna have to find time I guess! I adore that "cheese" face!