Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Little Gym and a little more

Levi got his first knot on his head at the babysitter's this week. :( He pulls up on everything so he falls quite a bit too. It's hard to see it in this picture but you can kind of see the little bruise.

We are enjoying a wonderful and lazy weekend at home! We love to go....but man it feels good to stay home. It was a crazy first week back at work so I was super excited to spend some time with my boys!

We went to Berripop Friday night.

Followed by playing in the fountains.
This morning we were super busy starting off with our first Little Gym class! I'm so excited to do this with Levi every week!!! As you can tell he's the young end of his age group but I think he's going to love it. He's taking a few steps when we hold his hands now but he wasn't too sure about the hula hoop walking.

Playing ball with Daddy!
I'm practicing my standing mom....this is serious.
Land surfing.....
followed with a tuck and roll!
Now this he loved! It's baby foosball...haha.
And I found these....I forgot I took them with my little camera while we were in Amarillo! Enjoying some Rudy's after church.

Look how handsome they are in their matching shirts!!!!
The kids come back to school on Monday morning. I'm not nearly ready, we've been struggling with power issues in my portable. They've started building our new school next to us so we're one big construction site! BUT...things are all ready for the first day and that's most important. We've got plans the next two weekends and then our only plans are to stay in HOUSTON. (Until Thanksgiving anyway....haha.) I'm not promising a post next week...that all depends on if I can see straight after work!

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