Wednesday, August 3, 2011

9 months!!

I have only 1 goal today, get blog updated!!! I planned on doing it FIRST thing this morning, but got a call at 7:30am that they desperately needed someone to teach Body Combat at 9:30am! I haven't taught since I was 35 weeks pregnant! I've been working out again, but taking a class is completely different than teaching a class! So I practiced my booty off for an hour or so then headed off to the gym. I'm always nervous to teach this specific class because the same lady has been teaching it for YEARS! If you're a group exercise person you know how that goes. Those classes are SCARY! Not to mention that instructor is one of the BEST, and the boss at my gym! But it went great and I forgot how much I liked teaching!

We had a very relaxing week at home last week.....MUCH NEEDED!

Here's Levi chowing down on a peach pop. He went to town on it, then the next day wouldn't have anything to do with one!
While we were in California he started going from laying down to sitting up by himself. Now this is a battle we're fighting at nap time! Well not really a battle....for a few days I stressed myself out about whether or not to go back in and lay him down, or leave him be and let him figure out it's nap time. Well....leave him be and let him figure it out works much better! He usually plays for a few minutes (ok sometimes 30!) before he finally lays down. BUT...I'm sticking to my ways of teaching how to go to sleep on his own!

Oh hi Mom!!!
He started saying Momma last week! We were taking a leisurely stroll through Target (where we go when we're bored!) and he said it plain as day! I'm not really sure he was talking to me, maybe he's just starting the 'M' sounds. He also said a few times while he was in his high chair and I was cooking dinner, so maybe he was talking to me? Who knows!

I have a cookie sheet with some magnetic letters on it that he plays with, this is the first time I've let him play with them on the fridge and he was very excited!
Since he likes to jack around in his crib now, I decided to set the video monitor back up (the night vision pooped out on us) to watch. I was baking and watching him, I couldn't stop laughing!!

"Hey....what's that?"
"Mom, I really don't think I need a nap."
"Somebody, anybody?"
He also likes to crawl over to the toy box and pick out what toys he wants now!
I made "Olympic Ring" cupcakes for our Family Olympics this weekend! They were DELICIOUS! Of course not as pretty as I envisioned, but hey I'm a teacher not a baker!
Samantha hosted these Family Olympics so the day started off in their awesome pool!

Nathan and Braeden taking a snack break. Aren't they precious!?!
We mean business people!
Robby is seeing who he's gotta beat, haha!
I got a little too busy playing and didn't get any pictures of all the games. Of course.
Levi and Daddy playing with Buzz, he loves both Woody and Buzz!

He had his 9 month check up on Monday. I was glad because he has a snotty nose and cough again. We're going to try Zyrtec and see if it's an allergy problem. Dr. Clarke says he's all healthy! He's 29.5 in long (90%), 19 lb 4 oz. He's average for his weight, but super long! Now I'm frantically picking out a car seat because his infant one only goes up to 30 inches! yikes!

Tuesday I had to go to the dentist. Seriously I would give birth 100 times if it meant I never had to go to the dentist again! Our sitter doesn't work during the summer so I had to drop Levi off with Daddy for an hour or so. It was just a coincidence that one of his clients was bringing Levi a gift that day so they go to meet him! Crazy because that's the first time Levi's ever been to Trent's office! (other than just to meet everybody) Look what they brought him!!! OMG IT'S GIGANTIC!

And last night he said "dada!" He's been saying b, g, and sometimes v sounds for a while. Needless to say we were very excited about m and d coming along!

So this is how Levi rolls....a bunch of milestones in 2 weeks! Holy cow!
"Look what I can do Mom!"

We are headed to Amarillo this weekend to see all of Trent's family! We haven't been there since Christmas so we are very excited!!

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