Saturday, July 23, 2011

Disneyland - Days 1 and 2

So my Dad planned this wonderful trip for our whole family to go to Disneyland together. It was an absolutely fantastic week!! He rented a house which was just a short little ride in the little electric car to Disney. It was a "themed" house with every little cheesy Mickey Mouse detail you could ever find. I LOVED it! I totally felt like I was 7 again!

Braeden was one of the first ones to go in and came outside to inform his Momma that they had CUPCAKES already made!!!! haha The look on his face was priceless!

The Alice in Wonderland dining room complete with a multi-colored light up table!!

The boys were in heaven with all of the musical instruments, they put on a few concerts for us. :)
Playroom with ANY AND EVERY Disney toy you could need, plus a Wii.
Nathan asked us if Mickey was on the roof of the house, haha.
Nathan and Braeden's room was a Jungle Book theme with bunk beds. Ours was Winnie the Pooh with a crib, changing table, baby bath tub (anything we needed!) I think Steve and Kristie's was Mickey? Nana and Grandpa slept in the princess room, haha. We all know Nathan and Braeden weren't gonna sleep in there!
And OMG candy dispensers in the kitchen!! Yummmmmmm!
She prepared little gift bags for all 3 of the boys! So sweet!
Braeden immediately started singing with the mic. :)
So Levi was TERRIBLE on the plane on the way to LA. He took a nap Saturday morning for about 45 minutes before we had to leave for the airport. He was a terror on the plane and then REFUSED to take a nap once we got to the house. After we let him cry, plus ALL of us tried to get him to go to sleep I gave up. It was almost time for us to leave for our dinner reservation so I just let him go swimming. I have no clue how he was still going at this point!
Our sweet electric car that was a part of the house rental. We had to take 2 trips each time we went to Disney but it was only about a 2 minute ride so it worked out great!
Saturday night we had our first dining with the characters experience. Levi was not too sure about them. It could have been the fact that he'd only had 45 MINUTES of nap that day!

Peanut Butter and Jelly pizza and mac'n'cheese pizza! This is Trent's plate btw.
"I don't like you Dale!"
"But I love you Dad!"
Kristie and I had to take pictures with the princesses by ourselves since we don't have any little girls!
The whole gang!
The next morning Nana made us Mickey Mouse pancakes! That was a part of the house rental too was that she would do all your grocery shopping so you didn't have to eat out every meal. Seriously....I don't want to ever go back to Disneyland and not stay in this house! Every detail was perfect!
She even had costumes for the kids to wear! Even Levi, but we didn't have time to get him in them.
Then we headed out to Disney's California Adventure. Nathan loves to get on people's shoulders!

Of course we rode a water ride first, smart. But fun!
Before mom and I went to Europe we found a great deal on Disneyland shirts in the Disney outlet so we all had cute Mickey shirts that we paid like $6 for! Definitely not what we would have paid at Disneyland!
Braeden loved this ride!
Trent and Buzz, I love this picture! Their costumes were sooooo cool! We were about to get on the Toy Story ride.
My little Pirate. :)
A little bored waiting in line, haha! A lot of the rides there have Fast Pass lines so we didn't wait a whole lot, just a couple of the real popular rides.
Daddy and Levi after Toy Story....that ride is sooooo neat! Trent beat me on this one, but my accuracy was waaaaay better. Actually that's the way it was with all 3 couples, the girls had really high accuracy but not points and the boys had high points not accuracy. Hmmmmm? But then I kicked Trent's booty on the Buzz Lightyear ride, twice. :)
Steve and Braeden.
I knew I had to have these Minnie ears the minute I saw them! Feathers and sparkles....yes please!
Hotel of Terror.
A picture of our picture on the ride.
The Toy Story soldiers! They were drummers.
So I think Steve and his family had been in one of these Ride Makerz stores a couple of weeks ago with Kristie's family in Branson. Well we all know about Trent's love of cars so of course he wanted to go in there! Nana and Grandpa took all 3 boys to build a car. Trent got to build Levi's since he can't exactly do it himself. It's pretty cool I must say (even though cars are totally not my thing.) You pick out a base car and you can add anything and everything you want! Literally there was a whole wall just of wheels you could put on them! You can make even make them remote control cars if you want. Nathan and Braeden were very excited to have remote control cars but Daddy decided that was a little unnecessary for Levi haha.
After going alllllll day Levi was ready to go to bed. We decided to skip out on the last show, put him to bed and watch the fireworks from our heated pool! The weather in California was AMAZING! It was a little chilly at night so it felt awesome to be in the pool!

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